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RR Wld Geo U 6

RoughRider World Geography Unit 6

industrialization Change in society from agriculture to manufacturing often because the resources in the region need to be used
unification the act of combining two or more groups, etc. to make a single group of country; made easier when the groups have similar languages or ethnic background
pull factor condition that attracts (pulls) people to move to a new area
Ex economic opportunity (chance to make more money)
What was the factor most contributed to the European boundries being redrawn in the 1990s? ethnicity
economic policy actions (or inactions) taken by the government to influence economic actions
socialism the government owns all the economic resources and makes economic decisions
communism An extreme form of socialism when the government owns everything and there is no private ownership.
standard of living a measure of quality of life based on the amounts and kinds of goods and services a person can buy
high standard of living people will live longer (high life expectancy); fewer babies will die (low infant mortality)
low standard of living people will not live as long (low life expectancy); more babie will die (high infant mortality
polder land created by the Dutch by draining water from an area; this requires some technology
marine west coast climate mild rainy winters, with cool summers; influenced by the ocean
deforestation the removal of trees
mediterranean climate climate found across Southern Europe; it features warm and sunny summer days, mild evenings, and cooler, rainy winters
free enterprise An economic system in which people are able to start and run their own businesses with little control by the government.
economic structure of France leans more toward Socialism than Free Enterprise
cultural identity group members recognize themselves by those patterns of culture (language, religion, etc.)
desalination removing salt from sea water
Catholicism the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church that have influenced Europe so much that most of Europe is Catholic or another Christian religion
Who is immigrating to Europe?1 Mostly Muslims who are practicing the Islamic religion
cultural diffusion The spread of ideas, customs, and technologies from one people to another; can be seen in religion of Europe (Christian).
terrorism the use of violence by groups AGAINST CIVILIANS (not soldiers) to win a political goal
high speed railways high speed trains that carry people in and out of the capital cities in Europe
Why use high speed railways? businessmen need to travel without staying overnight; tourism; EU has connected the countries politically and wants to make it easier to work and trade with other countries.
What is the economic development of Europe quaternary
Created by: ldstanford5