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Chinese Odyssey L22

希望 xi1wang4; hope/wish for
ci4; measure word for actions
大使馆 da4shi3guan3; embassy
li2; measure word/start point
jin4; close/near
yuan3; distant/far away
录取通知书 lu4qu3tong1zhi1shu1; school admission letter
护照 hu4zhao4; passport
照片 zhao4pian4; photo
美金 mei3jin1; US dollar
细心 xi4xin1; careful; attentive
清楚 qing1chu3; clear and distinct
拒签 ju4qian1; to refuse to issue a visa
放心 fang4xin1; rest at ease; relax
chu4; division of an office
人员 ren2yuan2; personnel; staff members
排队 pai2dui4; queue up; stand in line
国籍 guo2ji2; nationality
错别字 cuo4bie2zi4; incorrectly written characters
涂改 tu2gai3; erase and change
chong2; again
bian4; meas. Word for actions
wang4; to forget
签名 qian1ming2; signature
反正 fan3zheng4; anyway; no matter what; in any case
qu3; to pick up; get something back
领事馆 ling3shi4guan; consulate
批准 pi1zhun3; to approve
询问 xun2wen4; (formal) inquiry
到期 dao4qi1; due date
过期 guo24qi1; past due date; overdue
粗心 cu1xin1; careless
修改 xiu1gai3; edit; make corrections
签字 qian1zi4; to sign name
入境日期 ru4jin4ri4qi1; entry date
工作单位 gong1zuo4dan1wei4; workplace; work unit
说不定 shuo1bu5ding4; maybe; perhaps; hard to say
办事儿 ban4shir4; perform task; run errand
有错儿 you3cuor4; to make a mistake
上那儿去了? shang4nar3qu4le5; where has (it) gone?
Created by: Timmy19
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