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Vocab Of Beetles and

Vocab for Of Beetles and Angels book

tormented to cause worry or severe suffering to body or midn
malnourished someone who does not have enough food/nutrition for proper health
uprooted to remove by pulling up the roots and moving
snarling to speak in an angry way or to growl
immobile unable to move or be moved
lorry a large, open truck
lurk to stay in or about a place secretly
mischievous tending to be annoying, trouble maker, etc.
malignant evil in influence or effect, causing great harm purposely
solemn very serious, not joking
emphatically very emphasized
clad dressed, covered, clothed
conjure to make happen by magical words
mediated work with opposing sides in an argument in order to bring an agreement/peace
exude to give off or give forth
malaria a serious disease caused by mosquito bites
dignity being worthy, honored, or respected
trek to walk slowly
yearn to long for or desire very badly
utensil a useful object or tool like a spoon
spellbound held by as if kept by a spell
squirm to twist like a snake
hunch to bend over
sponsor a person or organization who takes responsibility for someone else
celestial something that relates to heaven
sentiments feelings
disguised to change dress or looks in order to hide identity
descend to pass from a higher to a lower place or level
weariness worn out in strength, energy, or freshness
fend to fight off
serenaded to entertain with or perform a song, usually outdoors to a woman
strut to walk in a proud way
dumbfounded to become speechless with astonishment
taunting to provoke or challenge in a mocking or insulting way
morphed changed
dethrone to remove from a throne or power
finagled to use trickery to get what one wants
devour to eat up greedily or hungrily
accumulate to gather or pile up little by little
menial describes slave-like work
eccentric acting or thinking in an unusual or not normal way
marginal low quality
accentuate to make more noticeable, to emphasize
anguish extreme pain or distress of body or mind
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