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Charlotte Doyle

Review for test on the novel: Charlotte Doyle

At the beginning. Charlotte Doyle is a __________ on the Seahawk passenger
What does Charlotte think of the captain when she first meets him? She finds him trustworthy
When does the crew start to respect Charlotte? After she climbs the rigging
Initially, Zachariah tries to _________ Charlotte warn
What is a round robin? document signed with names in a circle in order to hide the idenity of the leader;a possible sign of a rebellion
What did Zachariah give Charlotte and tell her to hide? a knife
For what crime is Charlotte on trail? The murder of Hollybrass
Who does the crew think committed the crime? Zachariah
Who is the captain chasing when he dies? Charlotte
How is Charlotte greeted back home? with disbelief
What is the name of the sailing ship? The Seahawk
What did Zachariah make for Charlotte? canvas trousers and a blouse
How did Charlotte feel about Zachariah at first? he was from a lower class
Why did Captain Jaggery want passengers on the Seahawk? he thought they would keep the crew from rebelling
Why was the round robin important? it could be a sign that the crew were planning a rebellion
What makes Charlotte change her mind about Captain Jaggery? She sees him kill Cranick and beat Zachariah
Who is Cranick? A stow away on the Seahawk
Who did Cranick want revenge against? The captain
When did the murder of hollybrass occur? During the hurricane
Who warned the captain about Charlotte's plan to get the key to the captain's gun cabinet? Keetch
Who is both the judge and jury for Charollete's trial? the captain
Bridget is a _______. maid
Created by: 7th_kms