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Schizophrenia MH

Speech Disturbances in Schizophrenia

Clang Associations Repeating words or phrases that sound alike or substituting a word that sounds like the appropriate word
Clang Associations "Honey, money,sunny" "I need some honey to buy the paper"
Concrete Thinking "A stitch in time saves nine" may mean "sew the holes in your clothes"
Concrete Thinking Inability to consider the abstract meaning of a phrase; frequently tested by having clients interpret proverbs
Echolalia Nurse: "How is your day going?" Client: "Day going, day going, day going."
Echolalia Repeating words of another after one has stopped talking
Flight of Ideas "The sky is blue. The dog is dead, and I have two eyes."
Flight of Ideas Rapid change in topics with a rapid flow of speech
Ideas of Reference The belief that some events have special personal meaning.
Ideas of Reference "The U.S. is sending satellites in to space so that they can spy on me"
Loose Associations Thinking characterized by speech that moves from one unrelated idea to another
Loose Associations "I'm hungry, but the desert has no rain, so it's cold outside."
Mutism refusal to speak
Mutism ""
Neologisms Words or expression invented by the individual
Neologisms "The spy is not happy when te fulgair is green."
Verbigeration Purposeless repetition of phrases
Verbigeration Client repeats for days: "Prepare to launch the orbiter."
Pressured Speech Rapid, forced speech
Pressured Speech "I must prepare. There's no time to waste. Can't talk now."
Word Salad A random, jumbled set of words that have no connection or relationship to each other.
Word Salad "Hot happies are spying on me but no men love short feet."
Created by: spiers91
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