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Participles in 7.27

Identify the participle and its tense, voice, case, number and meaning

Tenuis adhuc et obscurus, obtinenti Africam comes haeserat. obtinenti - Present Active, Dative singular, governing
Inclinato die spatiabatur in porticu; inclinato - Perfect Passive, Ablative singular, inclined (in the inclined day - i.e. afternoon)
Perterrito Africam se futurorum praenuntiam dixit: perterrito - Perfect Passive, Dative singular, terrified; futurorum - Future Active, Genitive plural, about to be
Praeterea accedenti Carthaginem egredientique nave eadem figura in litore occurrisse narratur. accedenti & egredienti - Present Active, Dative singular, arriving & disembarking
Ipse certe implicitus morbo implicitus - Perfect Passive, Nominative singular, (having been) afflicted
futura Future Active, Accusative plural, [things] about to be
praeteritis Perfect Passive, Ablative plural, [things] having been passed by
auguratus Perfect Deponent, Nominative singular, having interpreted
spem salutis nullo suorum desperante proiecit. desperante - Present Active, Ablative singular, despairing
senex macie et squalore confectus confectus - Perfect Passive, Nominative singular, (having been) worn out
promissa barba promissa - Perfect Passive, Ablative singular, (having been) grown out
vigiliam morbus et crescente formidine mors sequebatur crescente - Present Active, Ablative singular, growing
Deserta inde et damnata solitudine domus totaque illi monstro relicta [est] deserta & damnata - Perfect Passive, Nominative singular, (having been) deserted & condemned
Venit Athenas philosophus Athenodorus, legit titulum auditoque pretio, audito - Perfect Passive, Ablative singular, (having been) heard
percunctatus omnia docetur ac nihilo minus, immo tanto magis conducit. percunctatus - Perfect Deponent, Nominative singular - having delayed
ne vacua mens audita simulacra et inanes sibi metus fingeret. audita - Perfect Passive, Accusative plural, (having been) heard
Respicit, videt agnoscitque narratam sibi effigiem. narratam - Perfect Passive, Accusative singular, (having been) told
Stabat innuebatque digito similis vocanti. vocanti - Present Active, Dative singular, calling
Illa scribentis capiti catenis insonabat. scribentis - Present Active, Genitive singular, writing
Respicit rursus idem quod prius innuentem, innuentem - Present Active, Accusative singular, nodding
nec moratus tollit lumen et sequitur. moratus - Perfect Deponent, Nominative singular, having lingered
Desertus herbas et folia concerpta signum loco ponit. desertus & concerpta - Perfect Passive, Nom sing & Acc pl, (having been) deserted & torn
Inveniuntur ossa inserta catenis et implicita, inserta & implicita - Perfect Passive, Nominative plural, (having been) inserted & bound
quae corpus aevo terraque putrefactum nuda et exesa reliquerat vinculis; putrefactum & exesa, Perfect Passive, Nom sing & Acc pl, (having been) rotted and worn
collecta publice sepeliuntur. collecta - Perfect Passive, Nominative plural, (having been) collected
Domus postea rite conditis manibus caruit. conditis - Perfect Passive, Ablative plural, (having been) settled
Et haec quidem affirmantibus credo affirmantibus - Present Active, Dative plural, affirming
Is visus est sibi cernere quendam in toro residentem, admoventemque capiti suo cultros, atque etiam ex ipso vertice amputantem capillos. residentem & admoventem & amputantem - Present Active, Accusative singular, sitting & moving towards & cutting
Ubi illuxit, ipse circa verticem tonsus, tonsus - Perfect Passive, Nominative singular, (having been) tonsured
capilli iacentes reperiuntur. iacentes - Present Active, Nominative plural, lying
Puer in paedagogio mixtus pluribus dormiebat. mixtus - Perfect Passive, Nominative singular, (having been) mixed
cubantemque detonderunt et qua venerant recesserunt. cubantem - Present Active, Accusative singular, lying down
Hunc quoque tonsum sparsosque circa capillos dies ostendit. tonsum & sparsos - Perfect Passive, Accusative singular & plural, (having been) tonsured & scattered
nisi forte quod non fui reus, futurus, si Domitianus sub quo haec acciderunt diutius vixisset. futurus - Future Active, Nominative singular, about to be
Nam in scrinio eius datus a Caro de me libellus inventus est; datus - Perfect Passive, Nominative singular, (having been) given
recisos meorum capillos depulsi quod imminebat periculi signum fuisse. recisos & depulsi - Perfect Passive, Accusative plural & Genitive singular, (having been) cut & averted
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