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AP Mandarin (Les 1)

Chaoyue Textbook

暑假 summer break
功作 *to work part time
露營 to camp
假期 vacation
夏令營 *summer camp
to be, work as
輔導員 *counselor
*充實 *to fulfill
經驗 experience
賺點兒錢 to make money
賺錢 to make money
參加 to participate in
棒極了 terrific
無聊 bored
補習 *to take lessons after school/work
上網 to surf internet
爬山 mountain climbing
攀岩 *rock climbin
釣魚 fishing
旅行 travel
其他 other
機會 *opportunity
照顧 to take care of
而且 and
負責 to take charge of
安全 safe
長大 to grow up
成熟 mature
根本 *fundamental
考試 test, exam
準備 to prepare
高考 college entrance exam
大學入學考試 college entrance exam
數學 math
偶爾 *once in a while
認為 to think, consider
校園 *campus
碰到 *to run into
一直 continuously
店員 store clerk
零用錢 *allowance
工資 *pay, salary
辛苦 *hard, tough
薪水 *salary
素食店 *fast-food restaurant
服務生 waiter/waitress
服務員 waiter/waitress
小費 tip
存錢 *to save money
送報紙 *to deliver newspapers
保母 *baby sitter
義工 *volunteer
職員 *staff
救生員 *lifeguard
游泳池 swimming pool
Created by: squakie
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