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AP Mandarin (Les 2)

Chaoyue Textbook

人物 character in a novel
孫悟空 Monkey
沙悟淨 *Monk Sha
豬八戒 Pigsy
唐三藏 *Tang Buddhist Monk
外表 appearance
戴眼鏡 wear glasses
捲髮 curly hair
個性 personality
活婆 lively
開朗 happy
開放 open
自信 confidence
隨和 easygoing
害羞 shy
文靜 nice and quiet
細心 careful
*善良 *kind
心地善良 *kind-hearted
幽默 funny
好吃懶做 lazy and gluttonous
勇敢 brave
聰明 smart
叛逆 rebellious
台灣 Taiwan
台北 Taipei
加州 California
志同道合 *have common interests/goals
專眼間 in a blank of an eye
談得來 able to talk to
在網上 on the Internet
電子郵件 email
保護 to protect
取經 to go on pilgrimage to find Buddhist scripture
*解處 *to remove
具有 to possess
交朋友 to make friends
因此 *therefore
to become
了解 to understand
認真 to take seriously
專心 to concentrate on
浪費 to waste
to allow
分手 to break-up
西遊記 *Journey to the West
危難 danger
師徒 *master and disciples
正義感 *to have a feeling for justice
英雄 hero
西天 western paradise
不然 otherwise
由於 *because of
傷心 sad
愛情 romantic love
壓力 pressure
秘密 secret
能幹 *capable
能力 capability
理想 ideal
Created by: squakie
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