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Manifestations of PAD Claudication Rest Pain dependent rubor thick toenails skin breakdown gray-blue skin
Medications for PAD Plavix Pletal Trental
Non surgical management of PAD exercise positioning not above the heart promote vasodilation (warmth) no smoking foot care
Diagnostic test for PAD Arterography (inject contrast to check circulations)
Treatment of PAD angioplasty bypass graft endarterectomy (removal plaque)
What is thromboangitis obliterans? aka: Burger's disease inflammation and thrombus formation and vasospasms of small and mid sized arteries. tobacco smoking often identified painful ulcers and gangrene may develop as a result of severely impaired blood flow.
What is Raynaud's Phenomenon? caused by vasospasm of the arterioles and arteries drugs: procardia, cardizem
Nursing care for Raynaud's 1. warm gloves 2. no smoking 3. swing arms back and forth 4. decrease stress
What is a thrombus? a blood clot that adheres to the vessel wall due to a damage cause by atherosclerosis.
what is an embolus? a blood clot or other debris that lodges in a vessel and obstructs blood flow
What are the six ways to check for acute peripheral arterial occulsion? pain paresthesia paralysis pulse pallor polkilothermia (coolness)
what occurs with arterial embolism? ischemia
what happens if you dont promptly treat arterial embolisms? emergent condition- permanent vessel and limb damage, tissue necrosis, and gangrene
Medications for arterial embolisms heparin, lovenox, and streptokinase (breaks clot down itself)
surgical treatment for arterial embolism embolectomy (remove embolism) thromboendarterectomy (remove emobolus or plaque)
nursing care for arterial embolism monitor extremities-compare sides bed cradle avoid flexion of the knee
what is Virchow's Triad? stasis of blood (plane ride) vessel damage (bruise) increased blood coagulability (birth control)
medications for venous thrombosis coumadin - PT warfarin heparin- Ptt&APTT
What is normal APTT? 20-40 sec. if on heparin, 2x normal bleeding time
What is chronic venous insufficiency? inadequate venous return over a prolonged period of time. May be caused by dvt, varicose veins, or leg trauma, or may develop without apparent cause.
How do you manage a venous stasis ulcer? Unna boot
what are varicose veins? distended, protruding veins that appear darkened and tortuous
what is lymphadenopathy? enlarged lymph nodes
what is lymphangitis? red streak along inflamed vessels with pain, heat and swelling
what is lymphedema? edema of extremity due to accumulation of lymph resulting from inflammation, obstruction, or removal of lymphatic vessels.
what is primary lymphedema? uncommon, genetic
what is secondary lymphedema? from removal of lymph nodes
what are manifestations of lymphedema? edema of entire extremity brawny edema: woody texture usually painless but feels heavy
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