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The chameleon wore chartreuse 2012-2013

Ch 1:What do private eyes call a girl? A dame.
Who is the main character? Chet Gecko.
What happened that Shirley had to tell Chet about? That Billy had disappeared but she found his backpack on the recess yard.
What clue did Shirley have? That at breakfast Billy had to meet Herman with the nickname "Monster."
Who was Herman? A gila monster.
Ch 2: Who did Shirley recommend to see about Herman? The Rat sisters.
What deal did Chet and Shirley make? That Shirley will give Chet lunch for a week.
What did Shirley do to Chet after he said yes? Kiss him on the cheek.
Ch 3: Who's class did Chet go into for clues about Billy? Mrs. Toaden(Billy's teacher.)
What did Chet find on Billy's desk? A drawing with a giant lizard a small lizard and a girlish blob. Under the GL it said Hurmn. Under the SL it said me. Under the girlish blob it said Shrlee. It showed "Me" punching Herman and Shirley saying "my hiro!"
Ch 4: Who walked in right after Chet found a map? Mrs. Toaden.
When was the last time she saw Billy? While he was talking to Herman and one of the other football players called Brick.
What did Mrs. Toaden give Chet. A somewhat note from Billy's mom which was sent by a little rat and had horrible spellin on it.
Ch 5: What had Billy done? Fake his excuse note. But Chet didn't know why.
What did Chet need to do? Talk to Brick about Billy.
What did Chet keep on doing in class? Keep on asking his teacher to go to the principal office. The teacher said no every time. But since Chet bugged him so much that he wrote a note and told Chet to go to his office.
Ch 6: How many kids were in the waiting room to see the principal? about a dozen. Most of them football material.
How does Brick look? He is a red haired hedgehog.
What was Brick, Herman and Billy talking about? Herman made some joke about some cheerleader and Billy got mad since Brick thinks she was Billy's sister.
What did Brick say about the drawing that weird drawing that Chet first thought was a map. That it looked like that the crowd was playing and the football teams weren't.
Ch 7: What excuse did Chet make up of why he wanted to go to Mr.Zero's office? Since he wanted to say have a nice weekend to Mr.Zero.
Ch 8: How did Chet get answers from the rat sisters? Bye waving his peanut-butter and ladybug sandwich around and that hypnotized them.
What did the rats do to Chet's lunch? Steal it and run away.
Ch 9: Who did Chet want to talk to to get his answer to the riddle? Natalie Attired. She was the smartest mocking jay around and was a good friend.
What did Natalie want if she told him the answer to the riddle? To be a part of the investigation.
What was the answer to the riddle? Down in the dumps.
Ch 10: What were the cheerleaders talk about? That Chet is a horrible detective and that they think Shirley loves Chet but they first thought she liked Herman.
Who ruined it while Chet was trying to spy on the gang? His little sister.
Where was Chet going to go before going to the dumps? To see the Big Baboo.
Ch 11: Did the bunch of basketball players know anything about the Big Baboo? No but they said to ask the coach.
Wh was the Big Baboo? Their school mascot:the golden gopher's name was the Big Babooo.
Ch 12: Who was guarding the dump? A dog. he asked them riddles and Natalie answered all of them correctly.
What did he know about Billy? That he was being pushed around by some big guy and they left with an old wig, a wiggly bag and a football.
Who a little bigger problem than Herman? Mrs.Gick.
Ch 13: What happened when they saw Mrs.Gick? They got a detention slip and would miss the game after school.
What did Chet find on his seat? A chocolate covered termite with a note inside which said I know what your looking for. I can help. And meet me at the water fountain.
Who was waiting for him? Frenchy laFrine.
What was one problem to try to stop Herman from breaking in the cafeteria? That he had to go through Herman.
Ch 14: Who did Chet run into while trying to get to the cafeteria? Mrs.Gick.
Who else was in the detention room? The two rat sisters.
Ch 15: What did Chet have to write on the board? I will to be a tardy gecko.
What did he accidentally write while he was listening to the rat sisters? I will not miss Herman's revenge.
What did he have to write right after the rat sisters were finished talking to him? I will not talk while being punished 100 times.
How did Natalie get Mrs.Gick out of the classroom? By imitating the principal and telling her to come to his office.
Ch 16: What did Chet see through the cafeteria doors? Nothing. It was completely deserted.
Why does Herman want revenge? Since ever since he got kicked off the football team he wanted to get them back.
How are Herman and his friends gonna attack? From under the bleachers.
Who appeared right after he cracked the case. Herman.
Ch 17: What does Herman want? The team mascot wishing he was never born and the coach crying.
What happened to Chet? He got hung upside down in top of the pool.
What made it worse? They turned on the chlorine machine and chlorine gas filled the place.
Ch 18: How did Chet get free? He detached his tail and fell in the pool.
Ch 19: After Natalie got free how did Chet get to the game quickly? Natalie put him on her back and flew there.
What was weird about the referee? He looked familiar.
Who turned out to be the referee? Billy.
What was Herman's plan 2? He opened a sack and a brown stream of cockroaches swarmed into the field.
Ch 20: What did Chet do that he forgot about Herman's part 3 of the plan? He started eating all the cockroaches.
What was Herman doing when Chet got up? Running away with the golden gopher. Then Chet stuck his tongue out and caught the gopher on his stomach.
Ch 21: Why did Billy want to help Herman? Since he hates the Team mascot. He thinks it should be a lizard.
Why did Billy get upset at Herman? Since he said that he spotted Shirley writing on the wall Shirley + Chet= love 4 ever!
Created by: akbasu



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