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Colloquial ChineseL8

nan2 South
shan1 mountain; hill; peak (Kangxi radical 46)
公社 gong1she4 commune
气象 qi4xiang4 meteorology; atmosphere; phenomenon
氣象 qi4xiang4 meteorology; atmosphere; phenomenon
zhan4 a station; stand; be on one's feet; service center
zui4 the most; -est; (indicator for superlative)
zai4 at; on; in; exist; (indicating an action in progress)
li3 inside; internal; village
li3 inside; internal; village
yuan2 clerk; personnel; member; (mw for military officers)
yuan2 clerk; personnel; member; (mw for military officers)
气象员 qi4xiang4yuan2 weatherman
氣象員 qi4xiang4yuan2 weatherman
房子 fang2zi5 house; building
tou2 head; the first; leading
tou2 head; the first; leading
前头 qian2tou5 in front; ahead; above
前頭 qian2tou5 in front; ahead; above
hu2 lake
后头 hou4tou5 at the back; rear; the rear side; later
後頭 hou4tou5 at the back; rear; the rear side; later
shu4 tree
shu4 tree
zuo3 the left side; left
you4 right (hand)
边儿 bian1r5 side; edge
邊兒 bian1r5 side; edge
竹子 zhu2zi5 bamboo
风景 feng1jing3 scenery; landscape
風景 feng1jing3 scenery; landscape
mei3 beautiful; America
jin4 near; close (to)
最近 zui4jin4 recently; lately; these days
xie3 to write; to compose
xie3 to write; to compose
xin4 believe; to trust; letter
cheng2 city; town; city walls
城里 cheng2li3 inside the city; downtown
城裡 cheng2li3 inside the city; downtown
qu4 go; to leave
玩儿 wan2r5 to play; have fun
玩兒 wan2r5 to play; have fun
决定 jue2ding4 decide; resolve
決定 jue2ding4 decide; resolve
di4 (prefix used to form ordinal numbers)
第一 di4yi1 first; number 1
ci4 (mw for number of times of occurrence); nth; order
lu4 road; path; journey; route
zou3 to walk; to go; to move (Kangxi radical 156)
走路 zou3lu4 to walk; go on foot
地理 di4li3 geography
kuai4 fast; quick; swift
dao4 arrive (at a place); until (a time)
shang4 above; up; on top; get on; go up
bei3 North
北边儿 bei3bian5r5 north; north side
北邊兒 bei3bian5r5 north; north side
哪边儿 na3bian1r5 where?
哪邊兒 na3bian1r5 where?
方向 fang1xiang4 direction; orientation
那边儿 na4bian1r5 yonder; over there
那邊兒 na4bian1r5 yonder; over there
小孩儿 xiao3hai2r5 child; kid
小孩兒 xiao3hai2r5 child; kid
哪儿 na3r5 where; wherever (Beijing accent)
哪兒 na3r5 where; wherever (Beijing accent)
xia4 descend; fall; below; down; next; the second (of two parts)
西 xi1 West (Kangxi radical 146)
dong1 East
dong1 East
地名 di4ming2 place name
bu4 part; section; department; (mw for machines
南部 nan2bu4 southern part
那儿 na4r5 there
那兒 na4r5 there
这儿 zhe4r5 here
這兒 zhe4r5 here
桌子 zhuo1zi5 table; desk
椅子 yi3zi5 chair
底下 di3xia5 below; under; bottom
中间儿 zhong1jian1r5 center; between; among
中間兒 zhong1jian1r5 center; between; among
旁边儿 pang2bian1r5 lateral; side; to the side; beside
旁邊兒 pang2bian1r5 lateral; side; to the side; beside
女的 nv3de5 female
wai4 outer; outside; in addition; foreign
Created by: Timmy19
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