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Colloquial ChineseL7

以前 yi3qian2 before; formerly; previous
pang4 fat; plump
大家 da4jia1 everyone
胖子 pang4zi5 fat person
le5; liao3; liao4 (particle for a new situation or completed action); finish; understand; clear; observe
le5; liao3; liao4 (particle for a new situation or completed action)
觉得 jue2de5 feel; think
覺得 jue2de5 feel; think
mei3 each; every
睡觉 shui4 jiao4 to sleep; go to bed
睡覺 shui4 jiao4 to sleep; go to bed
别的 bie2de5 other
別的 bie2de5 other
后来 hou4lai2 afterwards; after; later
後來 hou4lai2 afterwards; after; later
"教 jiao1; jiao4 teach; instruct; religion; teaching"
教书 jiao1shu1 to teach (school)
教書 jiao1shu1 to teach (school)
da3; da2 to hit; to beat; to play; to type
太极拳 tai4ji2quan2 Tai chi
太極拳 tai4ji2quan2 Tai chi
情形 qing2xing5 circumstances; situation
完全 wan2quan2 complete; whole; totally
一样 yi2yang4 the same; alike; equal to
一樣 yi2yang4 the same; alike; equal to
shou4 thin; tight; lean
精神 jing1shen5 vigor; spirit; mind
工作 gong1zuo4 work; a job
dun4 pause; arrange; stamp feet; suddenly; (mw for meals)
dun4 pause; arrange; stamp feet; suddenly; (mw for meals)
wan3 bowl; cup
饿 e4 hungry
e4 hungry
bao3 eat until full; satisfied
bao3 eat until full; satisfied
虽然 sui1ran2 although; even though
雖然 sui1ran2 although; even though
本来 ben3lai2 originally; at first
本來 ben3lai2 originally; at first
gan3 to dare
公斤 gong1jin1 kilogram
zai4 again; once more
恐怕 kong3pa4 be afraid; to fear; I'm afraid that...
ai3 (sigh); eh!
认识 ren4shi5 know; recognize; acquainted with (a person)
認識 ren4shi5 know; recognize; acquainted with (a person)
na4; nei4 that; in that case; then
父亲 fu4qin5 father
父親 fu4qin5 father
做事 zuo4shi4 do things; work; handle affairs
母亲 mu3qin5 mother
母親 mu3qin5 mother
身体 shen1ti3 health; (human) body
身體 shen1ti3 health; (human) body
pa4 be afraid; to fear
Created by: Timmy19
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