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NR 302

Peripheral Vascular System

Arteries-High Pressure Temporal, Carotid, Brachial, Ulnar, Radial, Femoral, Popliteal, Dorsalis Pedis, Post-tibial
Veins-Closer to Skin Surface Jugular, Superficial (deep in arms & legs)
Lymphatics Retrieves excess fluid from tissue spaces and returns it to the bloodstream.
Superficial Nodes Located: Head and Neck, Axillary, Epitrochlear (Arm, by elbow), Inguinal (Groin) **Children's nodes will be prominent until puberty.
Subjective Data Assessment Legs cramps, Skin changes on arms & legs, Swelling, Lymph node enlargement or lymphadenopathy.
Objective Data Assessment Inspect for venous insufficiency. Arterial insufficiency (arteriosclerosis & atherosclerosis)
Allen Test Adequate circulation to hand. Press radial/ulnar arteries until pallor. Release and wait to return to pink. Continuous monitor of blood flow.
Homan's Sign **Not used in assessment anymore. Can break off a DVT and cause an PE.
CMS Checks Circulation, motion and sensation. For pulses and capillary refill.
Anti-embolism stockings per order Prevent DVT's.
Arterial leg ulcers Shiny skin. Can open up blockage. Sometimes need amputation.
Venous leg ulcers Everything's pooling. Brown skin. Need compression and elevation.
Created by: MeganZajac