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Lesson eight vocab

lesson eight vocab words

allege claim that someone has done something wrong, typically without proof
arrant being notorious without moderation -used to emphasize that somebody or something is an extreme example of something disapproved of. That statement is complete and arrant nonsense.
badinage witty conversation, root-bad- to gape
conciliate placate, pacify, act as mediator, reconcile. The company's attempts to conciliate the strikers have failed.
countermand revoke, declare invalid
Echelon a level of rank, a formation in parallel rows with the end of each row wider than the one in front 1. the lower echelons of the bureaucracy 2. We heard stories of corruption in the upper echelons of the firm.
exacerbate make worse
Fatuous silly and pointless
Irrefutable impossible to deny or disprove
Juggernaut a large heavy vehicle, a huge and overwhelming force
Lackadaisical lacking enthusiasm and thoroughness
Litany a series of petitions used in church services, usually recited by the clergy and responded to by the people
macabre disturbing and horrifying because concerned with death and injury
melange - a varied mixture- from meler “to mix"
Paucity the presence of something in only small or insignificant amounts
portend to be a sign or warning that is about to happen test dates portend my grade dropping
raze tear down and destroy a building or town, origin raser-shave closely The king in that essay said he would raze the town
recant renounce a former opinion or belief, especially one considered heretical
saturate soak thoroughly, cause to combine with, supply a market beyond the point their demand for a product is being satisfied
Saturnine gloomy, dark and brooding, of or relating to lead prison is saturnine
slough a swamp, a muddy side channel or inlet, a situation characterized by lack of progress or activity physics lab is a slough
substansive having a firm basis in reality and so important or meaningful, having a separate and independent existence,
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