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A&P1 Brain Practice

Practice for A&P1 DelTech Owens Brain Test

Arbor vitae literally means __. tree of life
the center for balance and coordination of skeletal muscles is called the __. cerebellum
The largest part of the brain, with 2 hemispheres, that is responsible for higher thinking is called the __. cerebrum
The mass of blood vessels around the pituitary gland on the underside of the brain is called the __. circle of willis
The part of the brain the connects the two halves is called the __. corpus callosum
The region of the brain that contains the thalamus and the hypothalamus is called the __. diencephalon
The base of the corpus callosum is called the __. fornix
Unmyelenated nervous tissue is called __ matter. grey matter
Mylenated nervous tissue is called __ matter. white
Raised areas, or bumps, on the surface of the brain are called __. gyrus
The grooves or depressions on the brain's surface are called __. sulcus
The part of the brain that deals with homeostatis is called the __. hypothalamus
The area between the pons and the diencephalan is called the __. midbrain or mesencephalon
The centers for the sense of smell are called the __. olfactory bulbs
Site of crossing of many optic nerve fibers is called the __. optic chiasma
The brain's biological clock, controlling biorhythms and menstrual cycles, is called the __. pineal gland
An endocrine gland the hangs below the hypothalams is called the __. pituitary gland, or hypophysis
The relay center for sensory information in the brain is called the __. thalamus
Spaces inside the brain that contain cerebrospinal fluid are called __. ventricles
How many ventricles are in the brain? 4
The superior and inferior colliculus are part of the __. midbrain
The pituitary gland hangs from the __. hypothalamus
The central nervous system consists of 2 parts, called __. brain and spinal cord
Created by: IsaacJ