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Orem NU112

Theory - Explains a process, occurrence or event based on observed facts. - It lacks absolute or definite proof.
Theory Information - Occurs by use of reasoning - Inductive Reasoning - Deductive Reasoning
Inductive Reasoning - Taking specific ides and coming to general conclusions.
Deductive Reasoning - Taking General Ides and coming to specific Ideas
Orem's Theory of Self-Care Deficit - All human beings have universal needs to maintain their self-care status. Orem stems theses universal needs as self-care requisites.
Classifications of Self-care requisites - Universal - Developmental - Health Division
Universal Requisites - Air - Water - Food - Elimination - Activity and Exercise - Solitude and Social Interactions - Prevention of Hazards - Normalcy
Developmental Requisites - Human needs that promote the process of growth and developmental throughout the life cycle.
Health Deviation Requisites - Person who are: - Ill and in need of treatment - Injured - born with birth defects and/or disabled
Five Methods of Helping People - Doing or acting for another - Guiding and/or Directing - Providing physical and/or psychological support - Providing and environment that supports development - Teaching
Three Nursing Systems - Wholly compensatory - Partly Compensatory - Supportive/Educative
Wholly Compensatory - Do everything for a person - Eg babies, paralyzed
Partly Compensatory - Do somethings for people - Eg. Alzheimers patients
Supportive/Educative - Helping people do for themselves - eg. Mothers, Pt. with Broken Leg
Created by: saraken2007