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Rhampsinitus vocabulary (97-100)

postea (adv) = later, afterwards
video/ere/vidi/visus = to see
diminutus, a, um = lessened, diminished
sigillum, i, nt: = seal
tamen (adv): = nevertheless
ianua, ae, f: = door
sum/esse/fui/futurus: = to be
in dies: = each day
itaque (conj): = and so
hic/haec/hoc (demonstr pron): = this, (pl) these
statim (adv): = immediately, right away
-que (enclitic particle): = and
circa: = around
vas, vasis, nt: = container
colloco (1): = to place
fur, furis, m: = thief
alter, altera, alterum: = one of two, other
accedo/ere/accessi/accessus: = to approach
laqueus, i, m: = net, trap
vero (adv): = truly
caput, capitis, nt: = head
abscindo/ere/abscidi/abscissus: = to cut off
domus, us, f: = house, home
abeo/abire/abii/abitus: = to go away
fero/ferre/tuli/latus: = to bring, carry
mane (adv): = in the morning
ingredior/ingredi/ingressus sum (deponent): = to enter
conspicio/ere/conspexi/conspectus: = to see, catch sight of
corpus, corporis, nt: = body
nullus, a, um: = none, not one
vel . . . vel: = either . . . or
haereo/ere/haesi/haesus: = to be perplexed
animus, i, m: = mind, spirit, soul
facio/ere/feci/factus: = to make, do
cadaver, cadaveris, nt: = dead body, cadaver
murus, i, m: = wall
suspendo/ere/suspendi/suspensus: = to hang, suspend
constituo/ere/constitui/constitutus: = to decide
dolus, i, m: = trick, deception
instruo/ere/instruxi/instructus: = to draw up into a line
asinus, i, m: = ass, donkey (also an insult!)
impono/ere/imposui/impositus: = to put on (to place X on Y)
vinum, i, nt: = wine
plenus, a, um: = full of (+ gen)
agito (1): = to drive
locus, i, m: = place, location
clam (adv): = secretly
solvo/ere/solui/solutus: = to untie, loosen
pulso (1): = to beat
ingens, ingentis: = huge, gigantic
attonitus, a, um: = astonished, thunderstruck
elabor/elabi/elapsus sum (deponent): = to slip away, slip out
teneo/ere/tenui/tentus: = to hold
colligo/ere/collegi/collectus: = to gather together
ille/illa/illud (demonstr pron): = that, (pl) those
maledictum, i, nt: = curse words
paullatim (adv): = gradually, little by little
denique (adv): = and then, next
qui/quae/quod (rel pron): = who; that, which
sermo, sermonis, m: = conversation, topic of conversation
do/dare/dedi/datus: = to give
copiosus, a, um: = plentiful
potum, i, nt: = drink, beverage
utor/uti/usus sum (deponent): = to use, make use of
inebriatus, a, um: = drunk, inebriated
somnus, i, m: = sleep
opprimo/ere/oppressi/oppressus: = to overcome, overwhelm
obdormio/obdormire/obdormivi/obdormitus: = to fall asleep
progredior/progredi/progressus sum (deponent): = to advance, proceed
dexter, dextra, dextrum: = right (side)
sinister, sininstra, sinistrum: = left (side); inauspicious, unlucky
rado/ere/rasi/rasus: = to shave, scrape
factum, i, nt: = deed, fact
autem (adv): = however
et . . . et: = both . . . and
audacia, ae, f: = boldness, audacity
ars, artis, f: = skill, art
homo, hominis, m: = man, person, human being, fellow
donum, i, nt: = gift
edictum, i, nt: = decree, edict
fides, fidei, f: = trust, faith
matrimonium, i, nt: = marriage, matrimony
renuntio (1): = to report back
res, rei, f: = thing, matter, affair, business (and lots of other things depending on context!)
primo (adv): = at first
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