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African Ethnic Group


About 60 million modern day Africans can trace their language back to this culture Bantu
They spread into Egypt in the late 600s AD Arab
Education is extremely important in this culture because parents recognize the need for later employment Swahili
The Islamic religion is interwoven tightly in this culture and shows many elements of its art. Arab
Women farm and carry water as well as make pottery and do household chores Ashanti
Today this culture can be found mainly in countries from the equator to southern Africa Bantu
Literacy is of utmost importance to the Muslims so that everyone can read the Quran. Islam is the main religion in this culture Arab
Its language reflect Arab and Bantu roots Swahili
This culture is found mainly in north Africa Arab
This culture is mainly found in western Africa and central Ghana Ashanti
This culture came before Islam and Christianity Bantu
Education is extremely important in this culture because parents recognize the need for later employment Swahili
They use 2 calendars. One follows a traditional Gregorian and one is lunar. Arab
Fathers train their sons at age 8 or 9 to do a skill that they pick for them to do Swahili
They live as extended large families in their homes Ashanti
Most homes have electricity, indoor plumbing, several bedrooms and a living room Swahili
The Portuguese, Middle Eastern Arabs and the British have all conquered this culture Swahili
Since Islam is a way of life and religious holidays are extremely important, the Arab culture is a vital part of this culture Swahili
It is proven by discovery that this culture has been in existence since 50,000 BC or earlier Bantu
they believe that plants, animals, and trees have souls Ashanti
If you are Muslim in this culture, you are able to dress more American style if you want to and you can dance and play drums. Bantu
Created by: Sandlin