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Esophagus Digestion

What are the end products of digestion of fats? fatty acids & glycerol
What are the end products of digestion of carbohydrates? simple sugars & glucose
What are the end products of digestion of proteins? amino acids
What is catalyst? speed up digestion of food
name 3 properties of enzymes. destroyed at high temperatures work best at certain pH values work on specific substances
What is enzyme? organic chemicals that speed up rates of reaction
What is digestion? breakdown of large, complex food substances into smaller units which can be absorbed
Name 2 types of digestion physical and chemical
Which type of digestion takes place in the mouth chemical & physical
What is a "ball of food"? bolus
What is the wave-like contraction and relaxing of muscles that pushes food along peristalsis
what is the name of the flap of tissue prevents food entering the trachea? epiglottis
how does liquid go down the esophagus? gravity
What is the name of the ring of muscles at the end of the esophagus? sphincters
What organ is at the end of the esophagus stomach
Where does the digestion of carbohydrates begin? mouth
Why is mucus important in the mouth it moistens food
What is the name of the enzyme found in saliva amalyse
Where is amalyse produces? salivary gland
Created by: Lindamina