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ch 21 quiz

the complete back and forth motion of an object vibration
what is sound created by? vibrations
a logitudinal wave caused by vibrations and carried through a substance sound wave
sound is transmitted through the --- and --- of particles vibrations and collisions
in what directions do sound waves travel from their source? all directions
a substance through which a wave can travel medium
does sound require a medium? no
study diagram of the ear study diagram of the ear
what does the speed of sound depend on? the medium it is traveling through
cooler medium = --- sound slower
how high or low a sound seems to be pitch
the number of crests or troughs that are made in a given amount of time frequency
are pitch and frequency related? yes
what is the doppler effect? the apparent change in the frequency of a sound caused by the motion eiether the listener or the source of the sound
a measure of how well a sound can be heard loudness
the largest distance the particles in a wave vibrate from their rest postion amplitude
larger amplitude = --- sound louder
what is the unit used to measure sound? decibel
what does an oscilloscope do? graphs representations of sound waves
bouncing back of a wave after it strikes a barrier reflection
what is a reflected sound wave called? echo
what do sounds best reflect off of? smooth, hard surfaces
the process of using reflected sound waves to find objects echolocation
what types of animals use echolocation? bats, dolphins, abd beluga whales
what does SONAR stand for? sound navigation and ranging
what is something that break the sound barrier? a jet
when two or more waves overlap interference
the explosive sound heard when a shock wave reaches your ears sonic boom
a pattern of vibration that looks like a wave that is standing still standing wave
frequencies at which waves are made resonant frequencies
lowest resonant frequecy= fundemental frequency
higher resonant frequencies= overtones
when an object vibration at or near a resonant frquency of a second object causes the second object the vibrate resonance
the result of several pitches mixing together through interference sound quality
what are the 3 types of instruments? string,wind, and percussion
what are the 2 groups of wind instruments? woodwinds and brass
any sound that is a random mix of frequencies noise
Created by: kfran0112