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science test-12/5/12


binary fission spilting of two
flagella whiplike tail
African sleeping sickness tsetse fly bites people and makes them slow
protoslo slows down
photo prefix- light
conjugation transfer gentics to unicellular organisms
cilia hair that moves
contractile vacuole collects and expels water from cytoplasm
ameoba protist moves by pseudopod
food vacuole stores food
heterotrophs has to get its own food
eukaryotes has a nucleus
autotrophs maks its own food
unicellular one cell
multicellular many cell
locomotion movement
amebic dysintary disease from dirty water/food vomit diarrea
pod feet
paramecium one living cell
pseudopod false foot
tsetse fly animal that bites people and makes them slow
euglena unicellular flagella protist
host organism parasite lives in or on
parasite organism that benefits by living on or in a host and benefiting
slime mold lives it wet spaces
symbiosis one organism benefits
mutalism both organisms benefit
commenulism one benifits and the other gets nothing
Created by: emily4