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Science Ch 5

Chapter 5 Review

process in which energy from sunlight is used to change cabon dioxide and water into glucose photosyntesis
process through which oxygen and glucose are combined to produce carbon dioxide and water respiration
simple sugar made during photosynthesis glucose
4th most abundant element on Earth carbon
the process in which carbon is used by, and is returned to, the environment carbon cycle
the breakdown of organic matter decomposition
element that makes up nearly 21% of our atmosphere oyxgen
the fow of oxgen through the environment oxygen cycle
carbon and oxygen cycle between... living and non-living things in the environment
the burning of fossil fuels can cause an increase in this gas... carbon dioxide
the clearing of forest areas deforestation
a naturally occuring effect in which gases trap heat close to the Earth's surface greenhouse effect
the process in which water consumes energy and changes from a liguid state to a gas evaporation
the process of changing nitrogen gas into usable nitrogen compounds nitrogen fixation
water that falls to Earth from a cloud precipitation
the process from which water evavaporates from a plant's leaves transpiration
living things that eat other living organisms consumer
organisms that break down dead organic matter into simpler parts decomposer
a model that shows how energy moves from one level to another through an ecosystem energy pyramid
overlaooing food chains food web
Organisms that make food through photosynthesis producer
each step in the movement of energy through an ecosystem trophic level
the proscess of water changing from a water vapor to tiny doplets of liquid condensatiion
the percentage of usable fresh water on Earth less than 1%
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