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Human Anatomy Vocab

mechanical digestion process of breaking down food by chewing/movement/churning
chemical digestion the process of breaking down food with enzymes
amylase digestive enzyme found in saliva that breaks down sugar
esophagus tube that connects the mouth to the stomach
peristalsis muscular contractions that propel food through digestive system
stomach organ that churns food while lowering the pH...turning the food to chyme
pepsin enzyme that breaks down proteins
vilus folds in small intestine that increase surface area....where the nutrients are absorbed into blood stream
chyme (chime) term applied to food that has been turned into a soup-like consistency in the stomach
myocardium muscular tissue of the heart
pulmonary circulation sending of the blood from the heart, to the lungs, then back to the heart
systemic circulation sending of blood from the heart to the rest of the body....except for the lungs
pacemaker portion of the heart that control how often the heart beats
pharynx place at the back of the throat where the esophagus and trachea meet
larnyx also know as the voice box, chords located in throat that vibrate to make sounds
trachea tube that connects the mouth/nose to the lungs, is protected by rings of cartilage
bronchus the trachea seperates into these tubes, which enter the lungs
alveolus small sacs located in the lungs where gas exchange takes place with the blood
C-3P0 Golden android from the Star Wars movies, friends with R2-D2
Created by: jamesweide