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Christmas Reading

Best Christmas Pageant Ever

confer to meet and talk over
ancestor a person one's family comes from
imitation something that is a copy of something else
hustle to move at a quick pace
parable any of the stories told by Jesus to convey his religious message
charm a small object worn on a bracelet
snitching taking by theft
bewildered confused or puzzled greatly
sacrilegious showing disrespect towards a sacred person, place, thing, or idea
slouching standing or walking with your shoulders drooping
hymns songs found in books at a church or place of worship
hysterical to be very excited by fear
manger an open wooden box used in a barn to hold feed for the animals
adopted taken into another's family as a son or daughter
satisfied happy with what you have
instincts natural tendencies to act a certain way
collared grabbed by the neck or collar
standard a rule that is generally accepted
sentiment an attitude, thought or judgment
swooped moved in a sudden , sweeping motion
imitation something that is a copy of something else
standard a rule that is generally accepted
hymns songs found in books at a church or place of worship
retire to stop working after reading a certain age
instincts natural tendencies to act a certain way
sympathesize share in a feeling
impressed influence in opinion
cross a structure consisting essentially of an upright and a transverse piece
Created by: MrsStevenson
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