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Water Quality 12/14

water quality

What is Eutrophication? a process in which a body of water receives too many nutrients. This, in turn, triggers excessive plant and algae growth.
What can cause a decrease in dissolved oxygen in the water? excessive plant debris
The dissolved oxygen content of water can drop for? cloudy water can reduce the ability of plants to perform photosynthesis,gases are less soluble in warm water than in cooler water, the number of animals is too large for the number of oxygen-producing plants.
Home cleaning products contain phosphates.If waste water containing excess phosphates drains into pond,the phosphates encourage the growth of algae?How might this change in a pond's ecosystem affect the quality of life for other living things in the pond? Fish, like carp, that eat algae will have more food,some algae produce toxins, so the water could be poisoned,other water plants might have less light to help them grow
Why is water clarity an important measure of water quality? Underwater plants cannot get enough sunlight in cloudy water.
An effective way to reduce the waste released into the environment would be to pass a law saying? factories have to pump its water to a treatment plant.
Biological indicator species are important to water systems because? they provide an early warning sign of degrading water quality in an ecosystem.
Why are water quality standards important? They help protect clean water and improve the quality of polluted water.
Which of the following is a nonpoint source of pollution known to change the chemical makeup of large bodies of water, such as major rivers? agricultural water runoff from farmland
Which of the following is a point source of water pollution in North Carolina? pipe carrying sewer treatment discharge
Which of the following could be either a point or non-point source of water pollution in North Carolina? illegal dumping
Near which type of community might you expect excess nitrate in the water? dairy farms
Why is an overabundance of nutrients harmful to a water supply? It causes excessive aquatic plant growth.
Which of the following is a point source of pollution that could harm a pond ecosystem? wastewater released from a nearby factory
Which of the following is a point source of water pollution in North Carolina? pipe carrying factory waste
What effect does turbidity have on an aquatic system? It increases water temperature and impairs photosynthesis.
What two outcomes can be expected as a result of an overabundance of aquatic plant life? The plants will die and decay, causing a decrease in dissolved oxygen; plants will block sunlight to deeper water.
Which of the following is an example of a non-point source of water pollution? hog feces contaminating groundwater near a farm
Which of these would improve the water quality in a watershed? reduction in pesticide use
Some factors affecting water quality include clarity, chlorophyll level, and dissolved _______. oxygen
Created by: Evidenceofstudy