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Meterology Final 12

Meterology Final

Fog formed when warm humid air streams over the cold surface of a lake is known as advection fog
The which cloud is most likely to be a warm cloud? stratus
The activation temperature of the most ice-forming nuclei is_____0 C. well below
The relative humidity within a cloud is______100 percent. about
A cloud that develops as a consequence of local convection is cumulonimbus
An example of a cloud that is always cold is cirrus
Drizzle may be produced by_____clouds. stratus
Which of the following cloud types would be most likely to be responsible for heavy rain? cumulonimbus
Which of the folowing is most likely to be composed of ice crystals only? cirrus
A cloud that may be cold at the top and warm at low levels: cumulonimbus
The type of frozen precipitation sometimes produced by a summer thunderstorm is hail
All of the following typically have relatively low bases with the exception of cirrus
A mountain-wave cloud: altocumulus lenticularis
Of the following cloud types, which one is the warmest? stratus
Fog formed when cold dry air streams over the surface of a relatively warm body of water is know as steam fog
The convective condensation level (CCL) closely corresponds in altitude to the base of a _____cloud. cumulonimbus
Which one of the following has the greatest terminal velocity? hailstone
Most precipitation that falls in midlatitudes originates in______clouds. cold
A warm cloud is composed of water droplets
Nearby objects fixed on the ground, such as buildings or smokestacks, reflect radar signals; such radar echoes constitute ground clutter
Air that blows from land to sea typically undergoes horizontal_____near the coastline. divergence
In the northern hemisphere, the Coriolis effect always acts to the right direction of motion
______is numerically equivalent to a force per unit mass. acceleration
The surface air pressure is lower in an cyclone
Air that blows from sea to land typically undergoes horizontal_______near the coastline. convergence
A weak tornado is included as a _________ system. microscale
In the southern hemisphere, the Coriolis effect always acts to the left of the direction of motion
A hurricane is included as a ________ system. synoptic-scale
The pressure gradient force always acts directly across isobars and towards ______ pressure. low
The surface air pressure is higher in an anticyclone
The Coriolis Effect arises from the fact that earth rotates
At the equator, the Coriolis effect is zero
Horizontal winds are always named for the direction______they blow. from which
From the largest to smallest, the scales of atmospheric circulation are designated planetary, synoptic, meso, micro
_______is the movement of air measured relative to the Earth's surface. wind
When the horizontal air pressure gradient is zero over a broad region, the atmosphere is calm
The Coriolis effect produces its maximum deflection at the poles
In a geostrophic wind, the horizontal pressure gradient is balanced by the Coriolis effect
Viewed from above in the Southern Hemisphere, surface winds about a subtropical high blow counterclockwise and outward
The average summer location of the polar front jet stream is southern Canada
The trade winds of the two hemispheres converge in the doldrums
Viewed from above in the Northern Hemisphere, surface winds about a subtropical high blow clockwise and outward
A blocking circulation pattern during the summer of 1993 was responsible for record _______ in the midwest. flooding
A _______ flow pattern occurs when masses of cold air surge southward and warm air streams northward. meridional
The average winter location of the polar front jet stream is southern US
A synoptic-scale cyclone is most likely to develop on the______side of an upper-air trough. east
A ______ flow pattern is when the north-south exchange of air masses is minimal. zonal
The Bermuda high is located on average about 30 degrees N latitude over the Atlantic Ocean
The Icelandic low is located on average about 60 degrees N latitude over the North Atlantic
On a typical day,_______Rossby long-waves encircle the globe. 2 to 5
A synoptic-scale cyclone is most likely to develop on the_______side of an upper-air ridge. west
In the Midwest, drought is most likely with a______circulation pattern in the westerlies. blocking
The eastern flank of a subtropical anticyclone is characterized by dry climates
An extreme and persistent El Nino may be accompanied by weather extremes in various parts of the world
The western flank of a subtropical anticyclone is characterized by relatively unstable air
Ahead of a surface warm front the initial wispy clouds are called __________. cirrus
Contrasting air masses are brought together to form fronts by surface winds about centers of______pressure. low
Precipitation tends to be steady and prolonged in the______sector of a wave cyclone. northeast
A type of cloud associated with fast-moving, well-defined cold front: cumulonimbus
The coldest sector of a mature midlatitude cyclone is usually________of the cyclone center. northwest
A source region for maritime tropical air is tropical and subtropical ocean
Warm and humid air: mT
_______ is a Native American word that, according to tradition, means snoweater. Chinook
Usually air mass modification is most rapid when continental polar air moves over bare ground
Cold fronts typically travel______warm fronts. faster than
The type of front formed when the leading edge of cold air merges with a warm front is known as an occluded front
In a wave cyclone, fog is most likely to develop just ahead of the surface warm front
Most major winter storms that affect the St. Louis area follow the________cylone track. Colorado
An intense synoptic-scale cyclone tracks up the Mississippi River Valley and passes west of Chicago. As the cold front sweeps through Chicago, the wind shifts from the south to the southwest
When land and water are exposed to the same intensity of solar radiation, the land heats up_______the water. more than
In winter, continental polar air is______maritime polar air. colder than
The warmest sector of a mature midlatitude cyclone is usually________of the cyclone center. southeast
What is the surface wind direction in the northwest sector of a mature midlatitude cyclone? northwest
An example of a cold-core anticyclone is An Arctic High
Voilent weather (hail,tornadoes) is most likely to occur during the_______stage. mature
A feature sometimes present in thunderstorms that may prolong the mature stage is (are) a tilted updraft
In the United States, tornadoes are most often triggered by cyclones
The mature stage of the life cycle of a thunderstorm cell is characterized by both updrafts and downdrafts
The dissipating stage of the life cycle of a thunderstorm cell is characterized by downdrafts only
A thunderstorm cloud: cumulonimbus
A gust front is associated with an intense thunderstorm
In the United States, thunderstorms are most frequent in central Florida
The anvil top of a thundrstorm cloud is likely to be a_______cloud that is composed of________. cirrus.....ice crystals
As a general rule of thumb, the higher the top of the cumulonimbus cloud the_______severe is the thunderstorm cell. more
Microbursts are particularly dangerous for aircraft on takeoff or landing because they trigger wind shear
A tornadic circulation that remains aloft and does not touch the Earth's surface is known as a funnel cloud
A mesoscale convective complex (MCC) consists of numerous interacting thunderstorm cells
Typically, all tornadoes that occur each year in the United States, most are rated as_______on the F-scale. weak
The most intense tornadoes are rated_______on the F-scale. 5
Over the course of a year which one of the following states will likely experience the most tornadoes? Kansas
In the United States, the months of peak tornado activity are April, May , June
Typical weather within the eye of a hurricane consists of fair skies and light winds
Hurricanes do not form at latitude 30 degrees N because the surface ocean water is too cold
Most hurricane - related fatalities are caused by coastal and inland flooding
It is ________ for tornadoes to accompany hurricanes usual
Tornadoes _________ accompany hurricanes that make landfall on the U. S. coast. often
Usually the most destructive aspect of a hurricane is storm surge
The source of energy that sustains a hurricane circulation is latent heat
Hurricane winds weaken rapidly as the storm moves over land
The first sign that a hurricane may be developing over tropical seas is the appearance of an organized cluster of cumulonimbus clouds
The most hurricane - prone location in the United States is Key West Florida
The highest wind speeds in a hurricane occur in the eye wall
The central pressure is _________ in a hurricane than in a typical midlatitude cyclone. lower
The major source of energy in a hurricane is release of latent heat of vaporization
Sustained surface winds in a hurricane are are greater than 74 miles per hour
Most Northern Hemisphere hurricanes occur June- November
When a hurricane threaghtens low - lying coastal areas, the most prudent strategy for residents is to evacuate
When winds speeds reach 39 mi per hour the system is classified a _________ and assigned a name. tropical storm
Created by: Izzy-Bellz