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AP Environmental Science Acts and Organization

Sierra Club Founded in 1892 by John Muir as a result of the preservationist movement
Forest Reserve Act In 1891 it authorized the president to set aside land for forest reserves
Antiquities Act In 1906, Congress passed this to allow the president to protect areas of scientific or historical interest on federal lands as national monuments
National Park Service Act In 1916 the act was used to establish the National Park System
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Established in 1933 to put 2 million unemployed people to work planting trees and developing parks
Soil Conservation Act This act established the Soil Erosion Service as part of the Department of Agriculture in the 1930’s
Wilderness Act In 1964 this act established the National Wilderness System
Migratory Bird Act Established in 1918 to restrict hunting of migratory birds
Tennessee Valley Authority This was established in Tennessee to replant forests and build dams for flood control
Taylor Grazing Act This act regulated livestock grazing on public land
US Fish and Wildlife Service In 1940 this service was created to manage National Wildlife Refuge system and protect endangered species
Environmental Protection Agency In 1970 Richard Nixon established this agency in response to the rapidly growing environmental movement
Endangered Species Act In 1973 the act was passed to strengthen the role of the government in protecting endangered species
Bureau of Land Management This agency controls public land which is predominantly in 12 western states
Department of Energy Created during Carter’s presidency that developed a long-range energy strategy
Superfund Part of the Comprehensive Environment Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 used to clean up hazardous waste sites
Clean Water Act Established to strengthen the regulations of drinking water quality in 1977
Montreal Protocol International effort to halve emissions of ozone-depleting CFC’s
Kyoto Protocol Treaty established in 1997 to help slow global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions
US Department of Agriculture This department was established to promote and oversee farming and rangeland practices
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