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MCC Emergency Drug

MCC Emergency Drug List

Atropine 0.5mg-1mg max dose 3mg Potent anticholinergic (parasympathetic blocker) that reduces vagal tone and thus increases automatically the SA node and increases A-V conduction
Albuterol 2.5mg in 3cc Primarily a beta-2 sympathomimetic and as such produces bronchodialtion, because of its greater specificity for beta 2 adrenergic it produces fewer cardiovascular side affects and more prolonged bronchodilation than isoproterenol.
Adenosine 6mg, 12mg, 12mg, decreasing conduction through the AV node. 1/2 life is less than: 10
Amiodorone 150mg in conscious pt. 300mg in unstable Blocks sodium and exerts non-competitive antisympathetic action. Produces a negative chronotropic effect. Blocks potassium channels, which contributes to showing which contributes to slowing of conduction prolongedness of refractoriness.
Cardizem 0.25mg/kg for first dose, 0.35mg/kg in second dose Calcium channel blocker that slows AV nodal conduction time and prolong AV refractoriness.
Calcium Chloride 4mg/kg IV slow Increases the force of myocardial contraction; calcium may either increase or decrease systemic vascular resistance
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