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SS ch. 3 class 7-3

Vocab for Mr. Bennett's social studies class

indigenous descendants of the people who first lived in a region
maquiladoras border factories
emigrate to move out of one country to another
immigrant a person who has moved into one country from another
What is the main language and religion of the people in SA? Spanish is the main language of gov. and business but there are many other languages the indigenous people use. The religion is christianity. Spanish missionaries converted many native americans to christianity
What is a reason that rural people in mexico and cent. america are moving to the cities? they went to the US for jobs to earn money and for the schools for a higher education
What is a reason for Mexican and Cent American immigration for the US? they mostly leave for jobs in the US, food, and medical care. They also move for a better life
ethnic group a group of people who share race, religion, language, or cultural traditions
carnival a party before Lent starts
Who were the first inhabitants of the Carib islands? the first people who lived in the Carib were the NA, the Ciboney. They lived on the islands for thousands of years until 300 BC when they were joined by another indigenous group, the Arawaks who came from SA.
Created by: sdiaco