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Food Studies

Weekly Vocabulary Words

digestive system body system responsible for breaking down large nutrient particles and molecules into smaller ones for absorption
stomach digestive organ between esophagus and SI
Small intestine tube connecting stomach to LI
large intestine tube connecting small intestine to anus/outside
pancreas abdominal gland that secretes pacreatic juice into the intestine and insulin & glycogen into the bloodstream
liver organ that produces bile a substance that breaks up fat for absorption
gall bladder saclike organ associated with liver
digestion mechanical and chemical breakdown of foods
alimentary canal tubular portion of digestive tract that leads from the mouth to the anus
mouth anterior opening to alimentary canal
chyme semifluid mass of partially digested food
peristalsis rhymthic waves of muscular contraction in walls of certain tubular organs
mucus fluid secretion of mucous cells
mastication chewing
deglutination swallowing
defecation getting rid of wastes
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