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Building a Nation -6

Social Studies 7- Chapter 6

Many French who remained in Canada after the French and Indian War were poor farmers
the name given descendants of French voyageurs and Indian women metis
a group of states or countries that join together for a common purpose confederation
the right to vote suffrage
someone who moves to a new country immigrant
a self-governing country under British rule dominion
a lawmaking body legislature
having to do with two languages bilingual
a person who favors separation from a political or religious unit separatist
a member of a force to maintain peace between the Indians and new settlers Mounties
an armed uprising carried out against the government rebellion
a member of the Lower Canada Assembly who wanted Lower Canada to become an independent country Louis Papineau
a Scottish immigrant, he led an uprising in Toronto to try to gain government reform William Lyon Mackenzie
the first Canadian explorer to reach the Pacific Ocean by land Alexander Mackenzie
two reasons why Canadians and immigrants traveled west in the late 1800's farm the plains and find gold
fought for women's right to vote in Canada after WWI Nellie McClung
a provision of the Constitution of 1982 requires the government of Canada to be organized under a federal system
Loyalists who moved to Canada in the late 1700's were promised free land, food, and horses
united Upper and Lower Canada into one dominion The British North American Act of 1867
where the U.S. and Canada settled the conflict over Oregon Country the 49th parallel
British kings appointed ______________________ held power in Canadian government in the early 1800's governors
they united during the War of 1812 to keep the United States from trying to conquer Canada all Canadians- French, British, and Indians
they rebelled during the "Red River Rising" metis
the province where the Red River Valley once was Manitoba
Canada's development of industry was a direct result of their involvement in the World Wars
they worked on the transcontinental railroad immigrants from China and Ireland
began the greatest and quickest increase in wealth in the 1900's the discovery of gold
Canada entered this war on its own WWII
he was sent to investigate the cause of the rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada Earl of Durham
Canada became completely independent in 1982
nickname of the river that flowed north into the Arctic ocean the River of Disappointment
almost everyone left Dawson city because the gold ran out
whose rights were preserved in Canada's 1982 Constitution French
people in Quebec that would like to keep their French culture and create their own country separatist
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