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A&P 1 Endocrine

Review for A&P 1 test on endocrine system DelTech Owens

What are the 2 directive systems of the body that adjust to changing needs? Nervous system and endocrine system
What are the 2 basic types of glands in the body? endocrine and exocrine
Which classification of glands are ductless, have blood vessels passing through them, and manufacture/secrete hormones? endocrine
Which classification of glands secrete to epithelial surfaces, have ducts, and manufacture a variety of substances? exocrine
Name 5 examples of exocrine glands. 1) lacrimal 2) pancrease 3) sweat 4) sebaceous 5) salivary
In greek, what is the literal meaning of "hormon?" Urging on
What is a hormone's target organ? The organ affected by the hormone.
What determines if an organ is the target of a particular hormone? Whether the organ has target receptors for the hormone or not.
What are the 2 kinds of hormones? amino acids and steroids
Which kind of hormone is water soluble? amino acids
Which kind of hormone is synthesized from cholesterol? steroids
Which kind of hormone is lipid soluble? steroids
Of the 2 kinds of hormones, which uses the smallest peptides? amino acids
Which kind of hormone uses full proteins and peptides? amino acids
Target organs for __ hormones have receptors on the outer surface of their plasma membrane. amino acid
Which kind of hormone is transported in blood bound to plasma proteins? steroids
Thyrosine, growth hormone, dopamine, EPi and NE are examples of __ hormones. amino acid
Target organs for __ hormones have receptors inside them, not on the surface of the plasma membrane. steroid
Gonadal hormones, adrenoclortocid hormones, are examples of which type of hormone? steroid
What is the basic term for a hormone that functions close to where it was secreted? Local hormone
What is the basic term for a hormone that uses chemical secretions derived primarily from nervous tissue? Neurohormones
What is the general term for hormones that are most numerous in the body (30 to 40 of them are working in us at any one time)? General hormones
An organ that is affected by a hormone is called a __. target organ
What are steroid hormones synthesized from? cholesterol
A gland that secretes hormones inside itself is called an __ gland. endocrine
A gland that secretes hormones outside itself is called an __ gland. exocrine
What is another name for the pituitary gland? hypophysis
Calcistonin and parathormone regulate __ __ levels. blood calcium
When a person suffers from excess deposition of fat; "moon face", and buffalo hump, they have __ disease. Cushing's disease
If someone has protruding eyes (exophthalmia); Weight loss, sensitive to heat, increased heart rate, they have __ disease. Grave's disease
Children who suffer from a lack of normal physical and mental growth have __. cretinism
Beta cells in the pancreas secrete __. insulin
The __ is called mixed gland. pancreas
The 2 main parts of the adrenal gland are __. medulla and cortex
What kind of hormone maintain's mineral balance in the body? mineralocortocoids
The pineal gland secretes __. melatonin
What is the name of anterior pituitary? adenohypophysis
What is the name of posterior pituitary? neurohypophysis
(HCGT) Human chorionic gonadotripin is secreted by the __. placenta
Oxytocin causes greater contractions during childbirth; those contractions cause more oxytocin to be produced. This is an example of __. Positive feed back mechanism
Created by: IsaacJ