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Botany Ch. 5 Fruits

3rd-4th grade Botany

What is the main purpose of fruits? to help disperse seeds
The type of dispersal David used to defeat Goliath. (think of the sling-shot) mechanical dispersal
The type of dispersal when seeds float in the wind. wind dispersal
The type of dispersal where seeds are grown by farmers. human dispersal
This type of dispersal happens when flowers pollinate, create a fruit, then float in water. water dispersal
Where are the seeds on strawberries located? outside of the fruit
George de Mestral invented this. velcro
This type of plant steals nutrients from other plants. parasitic
What is caryopsis another word for? grain
The type of dispersal where seeds are stored and buried. animal dispersal
What is the name of the parasitic plant we use at Christmas? Mistletoe
Vegetables do not contain (what)? seeds
Tomatoes have seeds. Are they fruits or vegetables? fruits
The process of getting seeds from the parent plant to a new location is called (what)? seed dispersal
What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? fruits contain seeds, vegetables do not
Apples and pears are this type of fruit. pome
What is a single seed surrounded by a hard, woody covering? a nut
This type of fruit has a row of seeds attached to the side of the fruit. pod or legume
What are some "fleshy" fruits? apples,oranges, grapes, and watermelon
Pepo fruit has a hard and thick skin called a (what)? rind
Created by: sandyb