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E. Hemisphere*

E. Hemisphere (2nd 9wks Test)

Key TermDefinition
CULTURAL TRAITS the way people do things which are passed down from generation to generation
ECONOMY a system for producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services
REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT a government system in which people elect representatives to run the countries affairs
SOCIAL STRUCTURE the ways in which people within a culture are organized into smaller groups and each smaller group has its own special tasks
TECHNOLOGY the tools and skills people need to do work
AGRICULTURE another word for farming
CULTURE the way of life of a group of people who have similar beliefs and customs
PRODUCERS people who make products used by other people
SERVICES work done for other people
CONSTITUTIONS sets of laws that define and often limit the government's power
DEVELOPED NATION a country with modern industries and a well developed economy
FOREIGN AID when governments help one another by providing gifts and loanc of money and military support
PLANTATION many workers grow a single crop on a specialized farm
RENEWABLE RESOURCE a resource that can be replaced
SUBSISTENCE FARMING when farmers raise only enough food and animals for their own families
COMMERCIAL FARMING agricultural work done by companies that own huge farms
DEFORESTATION the process of clearing land of forests
ECOSYSTEM a community of living things and their environment
OZONE a layer of gases in the upper part of our atmosphere
RENEWABLE RESOURCE a resource that can be replaced
FOSSIL FUEL an energy source that developed from the remains of ancient plants and animals
MONARCHY rule by a king or queen
PENINSULA a patch of land nearly surrounded by water
PLATEAU a large raised area of mostly level land
RAIN SHADOW an area on the dry, sheltered side of a mountain that receives little rainfall
Created by: mrcaseyjames