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nursing test 5

One way in which communication with a patient with a hearing deficit can be facilitated is to decrease background noises (as from a television).
Nontraditional families do not fit the description of some other families. For example, same-sex parents who have established a functioning household may have children from other relationships or children who have been adopted or conceived through medical procedures.
A husband, wife, and children reflect a nuclear family
A mother with two children reflects a single-parent family
College students sharing an apartment reflects a communal family
involuntary immediate responses a person makes to a life threatening situations is a coping responses
the process of applying thoughts and actions to deal with stressful events is coping
two major coping strategies are problem focused and emotion focused
cognitive reappraisal uses reality checking to reduce future negative emotions and behaviors
if there is an unexpected death, IV's and other lines and tubes should not be removed because the body may need to be examined by a medical examiner
there are three spiritual needs underlying all religious traditions and common to all people: the needs for meaning and purpose, love and relatedness, and forgiveness.
spiritual need represents a normal expression of a person's inner being that seeks meaning in all experience as well as in a dynamic relationship with self, others, and with the supreme other as the person defines it
spiritual needs must be met for individuals to find purpose and meaning in life
Dyspareunia is painful intercourse
Difficulty achieving orgasm is documented as orgasmic dysfunction
Abstention from sexual intercourse is documented as. celibacy
involuntary contraction of the muscles surrounding the vaginal orifice so that penetration may be impossible and very painful is called vaginismus
Therapeutic coping strategies usually help the person to acquire insight, gain confidence to confront reality, and develop emotional maturity
Maladaption results when people use non-therapeutic coping strategies such as mind- and mood-altering substances, hostility and aggression, excessive sleep, avoidance of conflict, and abandonment of social activities
Sensory manipulation involves altering moods, feelings, and physiologic responses by stimulating pleasure centers in the brain using sensory stimuli
Negative coping strategies may provide immediate temporary relief from a stressor, but they eventually cause problems
Two helpful relaxation activities, to be practiced three or four times at each session are deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation
assertive behavior enables people to act in their best interests, to stand up for themselves, to express their feelings and to exercise their rights without infringing on the rights of others
physical activity or exercise is a technique that helps counter the effects of the stress response
when a person is relaxed, breathing slows and deepens and the heart rate returns to normal
meditation is a technique that can be used to help individuals enhance positive emotions, by sitting in a quite spot with their eyes closed
Extended families with several generations living together in one residence are called intergenerational families
includes children who live with one birth parent and one parent as well as any offspring of the non-birth parent A blended family
A communal family includes a number of members who share a common bond such as religious affiliation, ideology, or economic need
involves people living together without the formal or legal bond of marriage A cohabitated family
The Adventist religion prohibits the taking of narcotics and stimulants because the body is a temple.
Jehovah's Witnesses prohibit blood transfusions because it violates God's law
Native American religions incorporate medicine men or women for healthcare needs
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are required to wear special undergarments that should be removed only in an emergency.
A client with schizophrenis shows distortion of reality and difficulty processing information
grief is the characteristic pattern of psychological and physiologic responses a person experiences after the loss of a significant person object, belief or relationship
loss is defined as as the experience of parting with an object, person belief or relationship that one values
a material loss is a loss of some tangible object or possession
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