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Forensics 5&13

Final questions

Paint as physical evidence is most frequently encountered in burglary and hit and run
which property imparts paint with its most distinctive forensic characteristics color-layer sequence
what is the main ingredient in ordinary glass sand
Tempered glass is used in the side and rear windows of autos manufactured in the United States
Flotation is a method used by scientists to determine the ____ of a particle of glass density
which is a true statement about the fracturing of glass? radial cracks appear first, starting on the side opposite the destructive force.
The fracture pattern of glass usually has radial and concentric lines
what is the logical first step in soil analysis comparison of dried soil sample for color and texture
automobile finishes typically contain which layers an electrocoat primer, colorcoat, and clearcoat
Pyrex glass is made with the addition of boron oxide
if an object is immersed in a liquid of greater density, it will float
the process of a glass prism separating sunlight into component colors is called dispersion
the refractive index of a substance varies woth temperature, color of light passing through, wavelength of light passing through
a(n)____property describes the behavior of a substance without reference to any other substance while a(n)___ property describes the behavior of a substance when it reacts or combines with another substance Physical;Chemical
the basic metric unit for volume is the liter
color and texture comparisons cannot be made on samples until they are all __ with identical laboratory procedures dried
naturally occurring crystals commonly found in soils are minerals
the fracture lines radiating outward from a crack in glass are known as ___ fractures radial
Glass fracture lines that encircle the hole in the glass are known as __ fractures concentric
The examinatio of a paint chip found on a hit and run victim's garment side by side with paint removed from a vehicle suspected of being involved in the incident is an example of comparison
when a forensic analyst determines the chemical composition of preparations that may contain illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or barbiturates, this is an example of identification
evidence with individual characteristics can lead to a determination of common origin (single source). Which type of evidence cannot yield such results single layer paints
the corroborative use of physical evidence means that it can be used to provide a lead to give the investigation direction
forensics databases are maintained for all of the following except: dental impressions
the combined DNA Index System (CODIS) became fully operational in what year? 1998
A component of the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network is Called IBIS
The process by which the body temperature cools after death is known as algor mortis
A forensic anthropologist may help to create a(n) ___ to help with the identification of the victim facial reconstruction
A corps was discovered in an apartment last November. it was that of a 50 year old male who died of a heart attack. at the time of discovery, the body temperature was determined to be 89F. what is the most probable post mortem interval 7 hours
The computerized database used to store DNA information is CODIS
if the laboratory can piece broken glass from a window or headlight together, then the evidence has ___ characteristics individual
the likelihood of finding class physical evidence is ___ the likelihood of finding physical evidence with individual characteristics greater than
if an object is immersed in a liquid of greater density, it will float
The refractive index of a substance varies with temperature, color of light passing through, wavelength of light passing
What types of evidence would be expected to have trace elements soil and gun primer particles, glass and metal objects, plant and bullet fragments
A compound microscope is equipped with two objectives lenses (10x and 45x) and has a 10x ocular lens. The highest magnification attainable with this instrument is 450x
The number and type of tests needed to identify a substance must be sufficient to __all other substances from consideration exclude
evidence associated with a group and not to a single sources is said to posses ___ characteristics class
modern analytical techniques have become so sensitive that the forensics expert must be aware of the __ among materials when interpreting the significance of comparative data. natural variates<<<(can't read his writing)