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Med Surge CARDIO review

HF - discharge teaching: nurse should report? Weight gain of 1kg (2.2 lbs) in 24 hr. period [indication of fluid retention resulting from worsening HF]
Coronary Bypass Graft + Warfarin: patient teaching? patients taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin should discontinue at least 1 week prior to surgery [prevents excessive bleeding]
Digoxin - prior to surgery usually withheld? for 12 hrs. prior to surgery
DM patients are at great risk for peripheral arterial disease
Daily caloric intake from fat should be at least what percentage? 25% RDA
Client comes in for stress test, if smoking prior, what should nurse do? reschedule - smoking may change test outcome and place client at additional risk
Is pt. experiencing chest pain a reason to reschedule a stress test? no, this is not contraindicated
arterial and venous ulcer pain levels degrees of pain vary
DM pt. with a leg ulcer - which focused assessment should be done? Inquire about presence or absence of CLAUDICATION
arterial ulcers: ___ claudication vs. venous ulcer ___ claudication arterial ulcers - HAVE claudication venous ulcers - DO NOT HAVE claudication
claudication - means? limping, pain discomfort in legs, walking discomfort
patient heart rhythm changes from normal sinus to supraventricular tachycardia -expected nursing intervention Vagal stimulation [helps pt. return to normal sinus rhythm temporarily]
After coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery - nurse should report? increased BP [may cause bleeding at incision sites]
After coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery -mediastinal draining can be up to how many ML? 150 mL/hr
Should thrombolytic therapy be an intervention after a MI surgery? No, it is contraindicated within 10 days postoperative
After heart transplant pt. teaching re: chest pain? patient may no longer be able to feel chest pain
How long does pt. take immunosuppressants after heart transplant? Lifelong, to prevent rejection
Absence of adventitious breath sounds in a patient with pulmonary edema R/T heart failure is an indication of? effective treatment [indicates pulmonary edema is resolving]
Patient w/HF experiencing A-Fib, - nurse should report? slurred speech
Is dependent edema an expected finding for clients with HF? yes, no need to report to HCP
A/E of ACE inhibitors in which case medication should be discontinued if patient presents with... a persistent cough
Coughing postoperative an aortic aneurysm [is / is not] associated with shock Is Not indicative of shock
Urine output less than 30 mL/hr postoperative an aortic aneurysm [is / is not] associated with shock Is indicative of shock
Coronary angiography is contraindicated in patient with previous allergic reaction to? shellfish [the contrast medium used is iodine-based]
C-reactive protein [falls / rises] after inflammatory process begins rises
Creatine kinase-MB the enzyme specific to the myocardium and is elevated when the muscle is injured
Pt. presents to ED with hypertensive crisis, - priority nursing intervention start an IV
Pt. with bradydysrhythmia S/S that requires immediate intervention? weakness and fatigue
Weight gain that results from decreased cardiac output, is related to ___-degree heart block? And [does / does not] require immediate intervention? second-degree heart block; does not
Pulsus paradoxus is an indicator of cardiac tamponade when BP is? 10 mmHg or higher on expiration than on inspiration
Left-sided HF manifestation, ___ peripheral pulses WEAK peripheral pulses
Right-sided HF manifestation, distension of the ___ ___ ... jugular vein R/T systemic congestion
Blood vessel - palpable vibration is called? a thrill; turbulent blood flow through vessel
Blood vessel - weak, thready pulse has ___ pressure; ____ to palpate? little pressure; hard to palpate
Blood vessel - bruit sound is? an abnormal buzzing/humming sound
Blood vessel - bounding is? extra full, hard; may occur with atherosclerosis/hypovolemia
Cardiac risk cholesterol formula? total cholesterol / HDL; higher number; higher risk
Factors with values predicative of CAD or evidence of MI? ↑C-reactive protein / ↑ troponin / ↑ lipo-protein associated phospholipase A2
Created by: fluency