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Nursing module 1

Module 1 Nursing core values

active, organized, cognitive process used to examine ones thinking of others; involves using ones mind in forming conclusions, making decisions, drawing inferences & reflecting ? critical thinking
systematic data collection is a critical thinking skill known as? interpretation
review data with an open mind & asking what is the data telling you is a critical thinking skill known as ? analysis
utilizing criteria to determine results of a nursing action is a critical thinking skill known as? evaluation
reviewing evidence and asking if there is a relationship there or does the evidence indicate a clients problem is called is a critical thinking skill known as ? inference
supporting your findings & conclusions (justifying & presenting arguments) is a critical thinking skill called? explanation
reflecting on ones experience, identifying how you can improve performance is a critical thinking skill known as? self regulation
interpret: systematic data collection, analyze: review data w/open mind, eval: utilize criteria to determine result of nursing action, inference review evid 4 relationship/prob, explain: support finding & conclusion, self regulation reflect on experience? critical thinking skills
interpret (assessment), analyze, evaluate(validation), inference, explanation, self regulation are ? critical thinking skills
a universal phenomena that influences the ways in which people think, feel & behave in relation to one another? caring
Brenner states that this means that persons, events, projects, & things matter to people; it creates possibility ? caring
creates poss 4 coping, enables poss 4 connecting with & concern 4 others, allows 4 giving & receiving help; means persons, events, projects, & things matter to people. Nrses help P recover by noticing successful interventions that guide future caregiving? Brenner outlook on caring
is concerned with relationships, between people & with relationships, between people & with a nurses character & attitude toward others reflects ? an ethic of care
places the nurse as the patient's advocate, solving ethical dilemmas by attending to relationships and by giving priority to each patient's unique personhood? an ethic in caring
Universal phenomenon that influences the way we think, feel, and behave in relation to one another.? caring
critical thinking, caring, holism, safe practice, role development, & information management & technology (EBP)are ? the nursing core values
is at the heart of ability to work with people in respectful & therapeutic ways; is always specific & in relationship to each nurse/client interaction, is culturally related? caring
A moral imperative that protects, enhances & preserves dignity, provides foundation to deliver patient care, unique so nurses do not make decisions based solely on intellectual or analytical principles instead, places it center of decision making? the ethic of caring
knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, maintaining belief are the five characteristics of? the caring process according to Swanson
striving to understand an event as it has meaning in the life of other; aviod assumption, center on one cared for, assess thoroughly, seek cues engaging the self or both are Swanson's definitions & subdimensions of? knowing
A nurse that is emotionally present to the other; being there, coveying ability, sharing feelings, not burdening are Swanson's definition and subdimensions of ? Being with
care for P like you would for yourself; comforting, anticipating, performing skillfully, protecting, preserve dignity, inform/explain, support/allow, focusing, generate alternatives, validating & give feedback are Swanson's definition & subdimensions of? Doing for
facilitating the others passage through life transitions (birth, death) & unfamiliar events, informing/explaining, supporting/allowing, focusing, generating alternatives, validating/giving feedback are Swanson's definitions & subdimensions of ? enabling
sustain in the other capacity to get through an event or transition & face a future w/meaning; believing in/holding in esteem, maintaining a hope filled attitude, offering realistic optimism, going the distance are Swansons definition & subdimensions of? Maintaining belief
Leininger's, Watson's, and Swanson's theories provide an excellent beginning to understanding the behaviors and processes that characterize ? caring
refers to the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts Nursing includes theory, concept, & practice; includes consideration of the physiological, psychological, sociocultural, intellectual,& spiritual aspects of each indiv ? holism
described as an art & a science of caring for the whole person, knowing that each indiv is unique in all aspects of self? holistic nurse care
mind & body are 1; people are responsible for own choices; they have the power to solve problems; well being is multifaceted(physical, emotional, mental & spiritual), these are the concepts of? holism
providing safe, quality, patient care according to the standards of practice? safe practice
who established the 8 standards of the nursing care practice ? the ANA and it is followed by all nurses throughout the states
provide comfort,& care while caring out specific functions, place emphasis on health promotion & illness prevention & concern for a client as a whole? nurse role development
brenners nursing role as a novice (no experience)
brenners nursing role as an adv beginner (some exp)
brenners nursing role as competent (2-3yrs,understands organization & specific care needed, has exp w/psychmotor skills),
brenners nursing role as proficient >3yrs perceives clinical exp as whole, focus on managing care not performing skills,
brenners nursing role as expert (diverse experience, zeros in on problem
Created by: larue10510