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s.s. citizens role

social syudies citizens role

How many articles are in the Georgia constitution? 11
What is the subject of the first article in the Georgia constitution? bill of rights
What is the purpose of the preamble to Georgia’s constitution? to know why they wrote the constitution
What in GA’s constitution allows the governor to “so no” to a law that the legislature wants to pass? veto
What purpose do constitutions serve? Constitutions identify how the government operates as well as describe the basic rights of citizens.
What principle requires national and state governments to share responsibility? Federalism
What principle keeps one branch of government from becoming too powerful? Separation of Powers
What principle addresses the source of government power or authority? Sovereignty
With whom does the power of the United States government rest? The people (citizens)
Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from establishing a national religion? the first amendment
What is an example of a way the governor can “check” the power of the legislature? Veto
In what way can the legislative branch “check” the governor? Approve or reject treaties; controls the budget; impeach & remove from office; override the veto
What is a responsibility that comes with the right to bear arms? Following gun laws or keeping guns secure
At what age may a citizen vote in Georgia? 18
What is an organized group of people that have common ideas & try to get their members elected? Political Party
Wisdom, Justice, Moderation? The principals in the Pledge of Allengiance to the GA state flag
What two groups of people cannot vote? Those who are serving prison terms for felonies and those judged as mentally incompetent
What are three responsibilities of citizenship? Obeying laws, paying taxes, voting, serving on juries
How many days before an election must a citizen register in order to vote? 30 days
In what month are general elections held in Georgia? November
What are the two main political parties in Georgia? Democrat and Republican
What is the main purpose of a primary election? To choose candidates for public office
What are the three most common types of elections? General, primary, special
What term describes “the process by which a person voluntarily becomes a citizen?” Naturalization
What term refers to the “direct vote by the people on an issue?” Referendum
What term is used to describe “an introductory statement?” Preamble
What is the name given to “a serious crime such as burglary or murder?” Felony
What is a “person who influences lawmakers to vote for legislation that favors certain interest groups” called? Lobbyist
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