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density ratio of mass per unit of volume
why does ice float? it is less dense than liquid water
freezing points of water 32F and 0C
boiling points of water 212F and 100C
polar molecule uneven sharing of electrons causes one end to be positive and the other to be negative
postive end of a water molecule Hydrogen
negative end of a water molecule Oxygen
cohesion attraction between water molecules; water sticks to water
adhesion water molecules stick to other materials
surface tension the tightness across the top surface of water caused by cohesion
capillary action allows water to move upward against the force of gravity
Universal Solvent nickname for water because it dissolves more substance than any other material
weathering rock is broken into smaller peices, sometimes by water
ice wedging a form of physical weathering that occurs as a result of pressure on rock from frozen water
erosion the movement of rock particles by wind or water
breakdown of percentages of water on Earth 97% ocean, 2% fresh but frozen in glaciers, 1% fresh and available to drink
Uses of water for transportation boats, ships, barges, aircraft carriers
uses of water for agriculture irrigation (watering) crops
residential uses of water bathing, cooking, cleaning
uses of water in industry cooling off machinery, shipping of products
Uses of water for recreation fun things like swimming, surfing, scuba diving
water as a habitat home for fish, crabs, seaweed, etc.
hydroelectric power the force of moving water is used to turn the turbines connected to the generators at an electrical power plant
water cycle water is recyled over and over through evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and transpiration
transpiration plants release water vapor from their leaves
aquifer a layer of underground rock that holds fresh drinking water
solution mixture created when one substance dissolves another
solvent part of a solution that does the dissolving
solute part of a solution that is being dissolved
types of chemical weathering acid rain, dissolving, rusting
specific heat the amount of heat need to increase the temperature of a substance by 1 degree Celcius; water has high specific heat
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