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Blume Ch 7 Word Bank

Bacteria are classified into two __________. Kingdoms
The kingdoms are ________ & _________. eubacteria & archaebacteria
________ bacteria are often found in extreme locations and are divided into groups based on where they live or how they get energy. archaebacteria
Some live in ________,_______, or very ________ environments. acidic, salty, hot
__________ is the largest kingdom of bacteria. eubacteria
__________ produce their own food and are commonly called blue-green bacteria. cyanobacteria
Some cyanobacteria, however, can be ________, black, or _____ in color. yellow, red
Cyanobacteria provide _________ and _________ fir aquatic life. food, oxygen
However, an overabundance of cyanobacteria produces a ________, which can be harmful to aquatic life. bloom
Most bacteria reproduce by _________, creating two new __________ cells; fission, identical
Some bacteria exchange _______ material before dividing. genetic
Most bacteria are _______ rather than ________. helpful, harmful
Many bacteria aid in __________ and some produce _________. digestions, vitamins
Bacterial __________ use dead organisms as food and energy sources, thus ___________ nutrients for use by other organisms. saprophytes, recycling
__________ bacteria in the soil and plant _______ change nitrogen from the air to a form that plants and animals can use. Nitrogen-fixing, roots
Bacteria can be used to clean up environmental pollution through _____________. bioremediation
Bacteria are used in the productions of ___________, ___________, and _________ products such as yogurt and cheese. pickles, sauerkraut, dairy
Created by: anguyen2