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Rachel Gidden

Blume Ch2 #30-41

Palm trees and panda bears have A. Prokaryotic cells B. a single cell C. Eukaryotic cells D. cells of only one size C. Eukaryotic cells
One of the cell wall's function is to___? protect the cell
Which of these involves the cell membrane? A. respiration B. location of the nucleus C. creation of offspring D. waste products leaving cells D. waste products leaving cells
Your heart and blood vessels work together in your body. What do they form? They form the cardiovascular system
The nucleus is usually the largest___in a cell. organelle
What makes rough endoplasmic reticulum instead of smooth? ribosomes
What stores water, food, and other cellular material? A vacuole
A microscope with one lens is called a___microscope. simple
What is the change in apparent size produced by a microscope? magnification
Bacteriophages are viruses that infect___. Bacteria
An active virus ultimately____the host cell. destroys
A cold sore appears on your lip, then heals and GOES AWAY. The virus that caused the cold sore has become____? latent
Created by: rgidden