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Latin Irreg Vb Tense

Identify the Tense of the Irregular Verb

sum Present
es Present
erat Imperfect
ero Future
erimus Future
erint Future
fui Perfect
fuisti Perfect
fuit Perfect
fuimus Perfect
fuistis Perfect
fuerunt Perfect
fueratis Pluperfect
fuerint Future Perfect
potes Present
possumus Present
potestis Present
possunt Present
poteramus Imperfect
poteritis Future
potui Perfect
potuisti Perfect
potuit Perfect
potuimus Perfect
potuistis Perfect
potuerunt Perfect
potueram Pluperfect
potueramus Pluperfect
potueritis Future Perfect
potuierint Future Perfect
volo Present
vis Present
vult Present
volumus Present
vultis Present
volunt Present
volebam Imperfect
volam Future
voles Future
volet Future
volemus Future
voletis Future
volent Future
volui Perfect
voluisti Perfect
voluit Perfect
voluimus Perfect
voluistis Perfect
voulerunt Perfect
voluerant Pluperfect
voluero Future Perfect
volueris Future Perfect
nolo Present
non vis Present
non vult Present
nolumus Present
non vultis Present
nolunt Present
nolebas Imperfect
nolam Future
noles Future
nolet Future
nolemus Future
noletis Future
nolent Future
nolui Perfect
noluisti Perfect
noluit Perfect
noluimus Perfect
noluistis Perfect
noluerunt Perfect
nolueram Pluperfect
noluero Future Perfect
noluerit Future Perfect
noluerint Future Perfect
malo Present
mavis Present
mavult Present
malumus Present
mavultis Present
malunt Present
malebat Imperfect
malam Future
males Future
malet Future
malemus Future
maletis Future
malent Future
malui Perfect
maluisti Perfect
maluit Perfect
maluimus Perfect
maluistis Perfect
maluerunt Perfect
malueramus Pluperfect
maluerimus Future Perfect
eo Present
is Present
it Present
imus Present
itis Present
eunt Present
ibant Imperfect
ibo Future
ibit Future
ibunt Future
ii Perfect
ivisti Perfect
ivit Perfect
ivimus Perfect
ivistis Perfect
ierunt Perfect
ieratis Pluperfect
ieritis Future Perfect
fero Present
fers Present
fert Present
ferimus Present
fertis Present
ferunt Present
fertur Present
feruntur Present
ferebam Imperfect
ferebaris Imperfect
feram Future
ferar Future
feres Future
feret Future
feremus Future
feretis Future
ferent Future
ferentur Future
tuli Perfect
tulisti Perfect
tulit Perfect
tulimus Perfect
tulistis Perfect
tulerunt Perfect
tuleras Pluperfect
tuleris Future Perfect
latus sum Perfect
latus es Perfect
latus est Perfect
lati sunt Perfect
latae erant Pluperfect
lata erunt Future Perfect
latum erit Future Perfect
fio Present
fis Present
fit Present
fimus Present
fitis Present
fiunt Present
fiebam Imperfect
fiebat Imperfect
fiam Future
fies Future
fiet Future
fiemus Future
fietis Future
fient Future
facta es Perfect
factum erat Pluperfect
facta sunt Perfect
factus ero Future Perfect
Created by: MagistraP