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Lower GI Probs

Lower GI Problems

What is Appendicitis? Inflamation of the appendix possible caused by occlusion of appendix lumen (infection); Distention (venous engorgement) accumulates mucus and bacteria.
What are the diagnostic studies for Appendicitis? Physical assessment; WBC; CT Scan; Utrasound
What are the Treatments for Appendicitis? Surgical Removal.
What are some RN interventions for Appendicitis? NO HEATING PADS, ENEMAS, LAXATIVES!!!!; Ice pack, NPO; Perioperative care; I&O's; VS; Pain
What are the manifestations of an Obstruction? Location Dependent; N/V; High pitched, absent, or decreased BS; pain and distention.
What are the Diagnostic Studies for Intestinal Obstruction? Abdm X-rays; CT; Lab tests.
What are the treatments for IO's NGT; NPO; Fluid replacement; Measure abdm girth (same site); analgesics; surgery.
What are two types of Inflammatory bowel diseases? Crohn's and Ulcerative colitis *** (look up in chart in book pg 1023)
What are some causes of Inflammatory bowel disease? Autoimmune disease
What is Crohn's disease? Inflammatory condition of any area of large or small intestine that can occur anywhere within the GI tract
What is Colitis? Eroded areas of mucous membrane and tissues beneath it; Start in rectum and moves toward cecum.
What are the clinical Manifestations of IBD? Diarrhea; bloody stools; weight loss; abdominal pain; fever; fatigue
What are the Diagnostic studies for IBD? CBC; Electrolytes; Serum Albumin; Colonoscopy; Barium enema
What are the Treatments for IBD? Medications (pg 1026); Surgery; Rest bowel (TPN)
What are the RN interventions for IBD? Diet, high-protien; high-calorie, low fat, low fiber; Fluid and Electrolytes; promote rest; Education/ Support
What is an ostomy? A resection and anastomosis of remaining ends of bowel and creation of outlet.
What is the difference between acute and chronic Pancreatitis? Acute function is restored; Chronic includes fibrosis of pancreas and obstruction of ducts destroying pancreatic secreting cells.
What are the S/S of chronic Pancreatitis/ Weight loss, jaundice, dark urine, DM.
What are some causative factors of Chronic Pancreatitis? Cholelithiasis; Lupus; Cystic fibrosis; Cyst; Tumor; Alcoholism.
What are the Complications of Pancreatitis? Pseudocyst or abscess; Plueral Effusion; Paralytic ileus; Hypovolemic or septic shock; Hypotension.
What are the diagnosis tests for Pancreatitis? Serum amylase increased; Serum Lipase increase; Elevated liver enzymes; Triglycerides; Glucose elevated; CT scan.
What are some treatments for Acute Pan. ? Pain meds; NPO, NGT; Antacids, PPI; Monitor electrolytes; Infection control; Watch for Hyperglycemia; TPN
What are some treatments for Chronic Pan. ? Bland, low-fat diet, six meals; Oral enzyme replacement. PREVENTION NO ALCOHOL!!!!!
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