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Latin Vocabulary

Midterm Study Guide

magister teacher (male)
magistra teacher (female)
discipulus student (male)
discipula student (female)
liber book
charta paper
graphis pencil
stylus pen
creta chalk
pugillares notebook
saccus bookbag
amphora bottle
mensa table/desk
tabula board
podium podium
porta door
fenestra window
schola school
conclave room
atrium hall
fons water fountain
balneum restroom
sic yes
ita vero yes
minime no
Te amabo please (singular)
Vos amabo please (plural)
Gratias (ago) thanks
Da (mihi) veniam excuse me
Me paenitet I'm sorry
Quid facis How are you doing?
bene well/fine
male not good/badly
recte all right
optime outstanding
pessime awful
nihil zero
unus one
duo two
tres three
quattor four
guique five
sex six
septem seven
octo eight
novem nine
decem ten
viginti twenty
triginta thirty
centum one hundred
Created by: ScottLee