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Upper GI Systems

Upper GI System

What is the Function of the GI tract? Ingestion; Digestion; Absorption; Elimination.
What are the Associated Organs of the GI System? Liver; Pancreas; Gallbladder
What is a Hiatal Hernia? Herniation of a portion of the stomach into the esophagus caused by increased intraabdominal pressure or medications.
What are the three factors that affect increased intrabdominal pressure? Acites, pregnancy, lifting heavy objects.
What are the clinical manifestations of a Hiatal Hernia? Heartburn; fullness in chest when lying down; Belching; Chest Pain; Dysphagia.
What are some Diagnostic studies for HH? Barium Swallow; Endoscopy
How do you treat HH? Antacids; H2 blockers; Surgery.
What is Gastritis? Inflammation of Gastric Mucosa caused by H. Pylori, NSAIDs, ETOH, Radiation therapy.
What is the gold standard for finding H. Pylori? EGD
What are some manifestations of Acute Gastritis? Epigastric Pain; N/V; Hematemesis; Gastric hemorrhage; Dyspepsia; Anorexia. Possible coffee ground blood.
What may present with Chronic Gastritis? Pernicious anemia.
What is the primary treatment for Gastritis? Identification and elimination of causative factors.
What are the other treatments for Gastritis? Drugs, Diet, Stress reduction.
What is PUD? It is a mucosal lesion of the stomach or duodena caused when gastric mucosal defeses become impaired and no longer protect the epithelium from the effects of acid and pepsin.
What are the 3 major causes of Gastric ulcers? Acid; Pepsin; or H. Pylori
What are the 3 types of ulcers? Peptic, Duodenal, and stress.
What are the complication of Peptic Ulcers? Hemorrhage; Perforation; Pyloric obstruction; Intractable disease.
How are peptic ulcers treated? Eliminating factors; prevention; Medications (Pain/Acid suppression); Surgery.
What is a stress ulcer? Acute gastric mucosa lesion occurring after an acute medical crisis or trauma.
What are Duodenal Ulcers? Deep, sharply demarcated lesions that penetrate through the mucosa and submucosa in the muscularis propria in the first portion of the duodenum.
What are some manifestations of an Upper GI bleed? Bright red or coffee ground emesis; Terry stools or frank blood; Melena; Decreased blood pressure; Weak pulse; low H/H; Vertigo; Confusion; Dizziness; Syncope.
What are the treatments for UGI bleed? NPO; fluid bolume replacement; Electrolyte replacement; Antibiotics; Nasogastric Suction; I&O's
What is Vagotomy? Cut Vagus selective nurses to stomach.
* What is the Postoperative care for a Vagotomy? Pain management; Medicate; Reassess; Respiratory care; Infection care; Nutrition
** Possible RN Dx for GI? Acute Pain; Deficit knowledge; Imbalanced Nutrition; Risk for Infection ADPIE!
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