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med terms integument

medical terminology integumentary system

epiderm/o- outer layer of skin
epidermatoplasty skin grafts
epidermodysplasia generalized warts
derm/o-, dermat/o- true skin
dermabrasion surgical procedure for removing acne, tattoos, wrinkles
contact dermatitis inflammation of the skin caused by contact with an irritant
actinic dermatitis reaction of skin from sunlight
dermatology study of skin and its diseases
intradermal within the skin layers
cutane/o-, cut/o- skin
keratinization process of keratin formation
onych/o- nail
onychectomy surgical removal of nail
onychitis inflammation of nail
onychomalacia softening of nail
onychomycosis fungal infection
onychotomy surgical incision of nail or fingernail
ungu/a- nail
trich/o- hair
trichomatosis entangled hair caused by skin fungus
trichoschisis splitting of the hair
trichorrhea rapid hair loss
pil/o- hair
pilous-hirsutism excessive hair growth
sudor/o-, sud/o- sweat
diaphoresis sweating
Sudatoria excessive sweating
hidr/o- sweat
anhidrosis complete absence of sweat
hyperhidrosis excessive amount of sweat
seb/o- oily (sebum)
sebaceous glands oil-secreting gland of skin
sebum fatty secretion of sebaceous glands
seborrhagia excessive secretion of sebum, or oil
papill/o- nipple-like elevations of the dermis
papillectomy excision of epithileum
papilloma papil tumor of epithileum
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