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DNA Review


DNA is a molecule that ______ the code for making proteins.. Stores
Which nucleotide base pairs with adenine? Thymine
Which nucleotide base pairs with cytosine? Guanine
Another name for the twisted ladder shape of a DNA model is called double helix
DNA provides information to ribosomes by way of RNA in order to make amino acids that will build proteins
What would the complement be to this DNA code? (the other side of the ladder) AATCTCGTTA TTAGAGCAAT
Name the two scientists who received the Nobel Prize for double helix model of DNA. James Watson and Francis Crick
Name the scientist who contributed to this discovery but did not receive any of the credit. Rosalind Franklin
Before a cell can divide,its entire DNA is copied in a process we call replication
What type of information does the DNA molecule store? Genetic
How many different nucleotide bases are there in DNA? Four
What is the end result of DNA replication? Two strands of DNA that are exact copies of each other and to the original
What is the complement(corresponding base pair) to the following DNA code in replication: AGTATCTAGC TCATAGATCG
DNA contains codes for making proteins
How does DNA nucleotides pair? Pairs A-T and C-G
You can think of the set of instructions that make you human as a book. That book would be called your _____________. Genome
The instruction manual can be broken down into chapters. Like chapters in a book, genomes are made of smaller parts called __________________. Chromosomes
How many chromosomes do humans have? 46
Give two examples of what would cause DNA to replicate? You are bleeding from a cut. You are growing from a child to a teenager.
Created by: connie.hambey