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chapter 3

states of matter

what are the states of matter? solid, liquid, gas,plasma,and bose-einstein condensate
matter is organized based on shape changes and volume changes
definate wont change when the matter is moved to a different container or location.
definate does NOT mean... the properties can never change
variable the property changes when you change the container or location of the matter.
solids definate____ shape definate _____ volume same, same
liquids variable_____ shape definate ____ volume changes, same
gasses variable ___ shape variable _____ volume changes, changes
plasma includes ___% of the universe 99%
plasma only exists at very high temperatures (lightning, sun, florecent lights)
Bose-einstein condensate happens at_____ degrees and all atoms act like___________ absolute zero (-273 degrees celcius) and atoms act like they are the same partial.
kenitic theory of attraction explain____ the behaviors of solids liquids and gasses
kenetic theory___ all particles are in constant motion
solid has ____attractive force strong and particles vibrate around a fixed location.
gas particles are_________ in constand random motion and unaffected by forces of attraction and collisions with other particles
changes in phase are___ reversable physical changes
melting to? freezing
evaporation to? condensation
sublimination to? deposition
temperature ________ change during a phase change does not
during phase changes energy is either _______ or _________ absorbed or released.
endothermic absorbing energy
exothermic releasing energy
melting less orderly particles of matter
sublimination solid into gas vapor
depostition gas vapor into solid
vaporization liquid into gas and less orderly particles of matter
condensation gas into liquid more orderly particles of matter.
heat of vaporization amount of energy required to change a substance from a liquid to a gas
evaporization liquid to gas takes place at surface of a liquid. lower temp than boiling.
boiling `temp increases and the water molecules move faster and faster
boiling water is less dense than liquid water, bubbles of water vapor quickly rise to the surface. when the bubbles reach the surface they burst and release the water vapor into the atmosphere
boiling point depends on elevation
the ___ the elevation the lower the boiling point. higher but it takes longer to cook.
Created by: haleybernier1997