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Nowak Stack on SUN

Nowak Flashcards on the Sun

True or False? The core of the sun can reach 25,000,000 degrees Celcius? False
The center of the sun is called the ______________. core
Which star is hotter: Yellow Or Orange? Yellow
When 4 atoms of Hydrogen combine to make Helium, this process is called____________? Fusion
The sun is held together by _______________? Gravity
Another name for a star is a ______________? Sun
The layer of the sun that can only be seen during a total solar eclipse is the ___________. Corona
The visible surface of the sun is called the ______________. Photosphere
The sun has used up about ___________(Fraction) of its energy(fuel). 1/2
_____________are darker slightly cooler regions of the sun with higher magnetic fields. Sun Spots
The sun has a TOTAL of _______layers. 6
Which color star is the coldest? Red
Without the sun all ___________ on Earth would not exist. Life
The sun is mostly made up of which 2 gasses? Hydrogen and Helium
Which early astronomer believed that the sun was at the center of our solar system? Copernicus
Is our sun old, young, or middle aged? Middle aged
An exploding super giant star is called a_________________. Super Nova
True or False? A nebula is all the ingredients (Stuff) needed to make a new star? True
A tool used to find the altitude of a star is called an _________________. Astrolabe
Our sun is (small, average, huge) in size? Average
Our galaxy is called the _______? Milky Way
True or false? Our galaxy does not have more than 2,000,000 stars? False
Created by: Nowak